University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K . Ross Toole Archives
The Five Valleys Memorial Society records (1973-2012) contain: administrative records (1973-2012), such as articles of incorporation, by-laws, reports, agendas, and minutes; correspondence (1973-2012) relating to the organization's day-to-day activity, interaction with members, financial matters, and the annual meeting; financial reports (1987-2011), including income and expense reports, budgets, and yearly comparative analyses; member directories (1974-2009); newsletters published by Five Valleys Memorial Society (1973-2012); independent contractor agreements and job descriptions (1989-2011); pamphlets and forms disseminated by Five Valleys Memorial Society (1973-2012); federal tax information (1975-2011); state tax information (1974-2012); research collected by Five Valleys concerning funeral pricing and contracts (1990-2012); service contracts with funeral homes (1974-2012); legislative and activist materials concerning House Joint Resolution 43 (1973-1974); and publications from ... Read More
Alabama Department of Archives and History
On the fifth day of each month, all funeral home directors are required by law to make a report to the county health office on funerals conducted during the preceding month. The county office retains copies of each report and sees that the originals are sent to the state office by the tenth of the month (Ala. Code 22-9-77 [1975]). The Monthly Reports of Funerals Conducted are used to ensure that all deaths in the state have been certified. If a county office finds that it has not received a death certificate on a death listed in a monthly report, it can use the information in the the record to track the reasons for it. Each report contains the name and address of the funeral home, the month and year covered by the report, the funeral home director's signature, and a list of the deceased persons who were served by the home. Information on the list includes the decedent's name, race, sex, age, social security number, birthdate, death date, and place of death
Nevada State Library and Archives
Files of applications, examination papers, ratings summaries, and other documents required by the Board of applicants to the funeral/mortuary services
Nevada State Library and Archives
This one box of mixed administrative records contains minutes, reports, correspondence related to license applications, roster of licensed operators, financial records, and some notes -- Among the financial records is a ledger of the Funeral Directors' Association membership dues (1906-1908) that predates the creation of the Board. Presumably an officer of the association became a member of the Board, and integrated the ledger into the Board's records
Kansas State Historical Society
The State Archives only holds a few cubic feet of records from the Kansas Board of Mortuary Arts, mostly concerned with inspecting mortuaries in order to ensure they maintain proper health and sanitation standards, as well as application files for mortuary licenses in order to operate in the state of Kansas
Minnesota Historical Society
Correspondence, Website printout, and special investigative reports documenting the activities and programs of the auditor's office under Dutcher, who served from 1994 to 2003
Maryland State Archives - Special Collections
Board proceedings. Entries consist of date, members present, and general business. Also includes licenses issued and suspended, applications, renewals, correspondence, committee and treasurer reports, and accounts that indicate receipts and disbursements. Lists of licenses issued after 1908 include licensees' name and address. For later records see the BOARD OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND EMBALMERS OF MARYLAND Minutes series [MSA S0354]. Arranged chronologically
Alabama Department of Archives and History
No hospital, nursing home, of other institution can release a body without first receiving a receipt for burial, removal, or other disposition from the persons engaged in the process of disposing of the body (Ala. Code 22-9-73 [1974]). The Receipt of Body for Burial in Alabama is required for every human body buried within the state. The agency responsible for the disposition of the body must complete the receipt and have it signed by the party relinquishing the body. One copy of the receipt goes to the releasing agent, one copy is sent to the local registrar of vital statistics, and the third copy accompanies the body. When the body is interred or cremated, the person responsible for the body's disposition endorses the receipt found with the body and mails this final copy to the local registrar within three days
Nevada State Library and Archives
Files of communications about educational programs in different schools of funeral services, reports, and roster of licensee for apprenticeship, embalmers and funeral directors -- The files include sets of examinations from the Nevada State Board, as well as from other examining agencies in the nation
Minnesota Historical Society
Records documenting the activities of the Minnesota Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action, as well as Wadley's involvement in other political organizations and issues


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