Washington State University - Holland Library
The collection ranges from 1983 to 1996. This material is divided into two series. The first series consists of sheets of individual slides. These are organized alphabetically by the general subject of the slide, then by year within each subject heading, and then alphabetically within each year where appropriate. The second series consists of individual photographs, sheets of photo prints, individual negatives, and sheets of negatives. These images are organized alphabetically into a number of sub-series by the general subject of the photograph or negative, alphabetically by subject in each sub-series, then by year within each subject, and then alphabetically within each year where appropriate. Some of the larger sub-series include athletics, campus scenes, classes, events, organizations, student portraits, and visitors to campus
Florida State University - Special Collections Department
Research paper -- This item is a research paper written by Mary Ellen Smith while attending the Florida State College for Women, entitled, "Florida State College for Women in the 1920s." It is dated December 4, 1967, and writted as part of a history program
Rutgers University Libraries
This collection primarily consists of Rutgers University documents and notes and printed material relating to Rutgers. Many of the original Rutgers University documents were housed in the Rutgers University Archives for a number of years. Then they became separated. At some point, perhaps in the 1950s, these documents came into the possession of Elizabeth R. Boyd, who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1930s through the 1950s and was the first curator of the Rutgersensia collection, which was a collection of historical information on Rutgers. Other information regarding painters and paintings was compiled by Alexander Stuart Graham who worked in the Rutgers University Library in the 1920s and 1930s. Although some of the materials were originally housed in different collections, their collation into the Boyd collection has been maintained, with some exceptions
Rutgers University Libraries
Records of the Philoclean Society (1825-1927) including correspondence, minutes, constitution and by-laws, membership lists, addresses, committee reports, and officers' reports. There are also account books, receipts, dues books, library catalogs, registers of books borrowed, clippings, and ephemera. The majority of the records date from 1825-1894, with thegreatest number of documents deriving from the 1830's through the 1850's. Records from the re-formed Philoclean Society date from 1907-1927 and constitute a significantly smaller part of the collection. Activities of the society from 1920 to 1927 are represented only by newspaper clippings
Rutgers University Libraries
The Mary Clara Kangler Papers contain the correspondence, memorabilia, writings, and biographical materials of Clara and Elsie Kangler. While most of the materials deal with Clara, they were collected by Elsie after Clara's death. The correspondence primarily consists of letters written between the two sisters while Clara resided in Miami, Florida. There is no biographical information on Elsie. This collection predominantly traces Clara's life through her education and working career. There is little material to be found from after her death
SUNY Oswego - Penfield Library
The diary includes the dates January 1, 1845, to December 31, 1845, when John C. Churchill tutored at Middlebury College
SUNY Oswego - Penfield Library
The collection consists of annual reports issued by the Oswego State Normal School between 1869 and 1916. The earlier reports are fairly detailed, listing names and addresses of both students and graduates, daily class activities, lists of faculty members, alumni salaries and projects proposed for upcoming years. The later reports offer faculty biographies, student addresses and areas of study, attendance records, expenditures, and miscellaneous data and statistics
Macalester College - DeWitt Wallace Library
First experience with Macalester campus -- Hiring process. National Association of Economists -- First impression of the campus. Impact of Vietnam War on campus, Spring 1970 -- First years of teaching, semester schedule -- Change in teaching style -- Class taught at Macalester -- Decision to became an economist -- Deals class -- Keeping in touch with former students -- Macalester in the 1970s, financial difficulties. EEO Program. DeWitt Wallace Reader's Digest endowment -- Tension during 1970s financial crisis -- Campus climate during Vietnam War protests -- Biggest issues on campus -- Macalester Athletics. Tolerance of conservative views on campus -- Personal area of research/ publication -- Career counseling of students -- Reaching back to Alumni -- Biggest changes in the college, changes in the student body. International students -- Changes within the faculty, Economics -- Changes in tenure process -- Personal process of tenure -- Changes in political climate on campus -- ... Read More
Macalester College - DeWitt Wallace Library
Background before Macalester -- Educational background -- Interest in biology -- How came to Macalester -- Prior visit to Macalester -- First impression of campus and Biology Department -- Impression of Mac students -- Students in Biology Department -- Faculty relations and collegiality -- Administration's relations with faculty and students -- Political climate on campus -- Experimental College -- Teaching experience, classes taught -- Personal research and publications -- Working with students on research -- Distribution and graduation requirements -- Sciences and liberal arts education -- Students with double majors -- Students going on into the sciences -- Biology Department and budget pressures -- Changes within the Biology Department -- Interim Session -- ACTC (Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities) and non-Mac students -- Tenure process -- Involvement with athletics. Faculty rep for the Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference -- Changes within Athletics -- Place of ... Read More
University of Central Florida Libraries - Special Collections and University Archives
This collection contains minutes, correspondence, brochures, and related materials detailing the association's administration and outreach programs -- Series I consists of 2 linear ft. of contains administrative documents from the Alumni Association Advisory Committee, the Alumni Association Committee, Board of Directors, and Executive Committee that include minutes, bylaws, and correspondence. Series II consists of 0.15 linear ft. of scholarship records pertaining to the various undergraduate and graduate awards. Series III consists of 0.15 linear ft. of brochures, pamphlets, flyers, and other miscellaneous materials distributed by the Alumni Association


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