Ohio State University
Includes 4 small books by Reid Wood, and a letter dated August 26, 2001 from Wood discussing the books; all in a decorated mailing envelope. The books include No (State of Being Digital Press, 2001, no. 126 of 150); Fly by (State of Being Digital Press, 199, no. 113 of 120); Some anonymous moments (State of Being Press, 1998, no. 131 of 150); and an untitled [ca, 1998] Coop. book, produced by Cesar Figueiredo, no. 32 of a series, no. 25 of 30)
Ohio State University
Includes correspondence and mail art received by John M. Bennett 1974-2005; includes extensive materials from Al Ackerman, Gyorgy Kostritskii, Ficus Strangulensis, Ivan Arguelles, Jim Leftwich, and many others; also includes printouts of e-mail
Ohio State University
A collection of artists' books and multiples, one-of-a-kind artists' books, visual poetry, mail art, correspondence, art and literary serials, and related materials, from 1965 to 2000, with most material from the 1970's and 1980's. Includes works by Marilyn R. Rosenberg, as well as works by Richard Kostelanetz, K.S. Ernst, John Byrum, Dick Higgins, John M. Bennett, Carol Stetser, Scott Helmes, Ruth Laxon, Robert Jacks, Ray DiPalma, Ray Johnson, Bern Porter, Paul Zelevansky, Karl Kempton, Karl Young, Musicmaster, Bill Keith, Avelino de Araujo, Davi Det Hompson, Joel Lipman, David Cole, James Johnson, and many others
Ohio State University
Includes a nearly comprehensive collection of John M. Bennett's publications through the year 1995, including books, serials, exhibition and mail art catalogs, audio recordings and other media materials, announcements, reviews of and by Bennett, ephemera, some manuscripts and correspondence, and many other materials. Also includes an effectively complete collection of Bennett's Luna Bisonte Prods imprints (including Lost and Found Times) from the early 1970's through 2000. The collection is a valuable resource for research into Bennett, and into the work of many other artists and writers, as well as the worlds of underground, small press, mail art, and alternative cultures for the years covered
Yale University
The collection contains a selection of artworks by visual poet Scott Helmes, including examples of editioned prints from his Haiku series
Stanford University
Editions of the press' serial publication, "Schmuck, " contain works of several artists from a single country, such as Iceland, France, and Hungary
Yale University
Manuscript, in a single secretary hand, of a collection of over a hundred poems. Many are serious verses on the subject of death, including An epitaph on Jo. Moon, sometime clark of Modbury, by Jos. King; An epitaph on Mrs. Honour Rich; The Earl of Montrose's lamentation for the death of King Charles I; epitaphs on Dives and Lazarus; and On a skeleton sitting on a pile of dead men's bones. This last poem is illustrated by a pen drawing and is followed by numerous verses on death
New York Public Library
Collection assembled from: Vzorvalʹ / A. Kruchenykh. [Saint Petersburg, Russia : EUY, 1913]. There were 2 editions in 1913; source of the present collection is not known. Cf. The Russian avant-garde book / Margit Rowell, Deborah Wye, c2002, no. 55-56 and p. 72-73; The world backwards / Susan P. Compton, c1978, p. 103-104, 125


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