Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records consist of five volumes arranged in two lots
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The records of Lanman & Kemp document the operations of the wholesale drug business in the years before the development of modern pharmaceuticals. They also show the importance of New York City as a center for the import, export and re-export business and of London bankers in financing international trade and extending credit
University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K. Ross Toole Archives
Chiefly weekly price lists for the Butte division of the Henningsen Produce Company which were distributed to small grocers throughout western Montana, who would place their orders for such things as poultry, cheese, and butter; together with several of Fred Henningsen's memos to the company employees dealing with bonuses, profit-sharing, and other company information; and an annual report (1920)
Montana Historical Society,-- Library and Archives Dept
Includes outgoing correspondence (1876-1877) of William Jacob Auerbach and miscellaneous financial records (1868-1880); together with a cash book (1878-1879) for Auerbach, Wells, and Company
Minnesota Historical Society
Ledgers showing the store's transactions with wholesale firms in St. Paul, Minneapolis, and other places, and balances with the Merchants' Bank, Sacred Heart (Minn.).
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Consists of twenty-three bills and letters for merchandise sold to Ruckman. The names of the merchants Ruckman dealt with are on the bills and the prices of the goods he bought are noted. The various household and personal goods he purchased include: imperial tea, one dozen toy watches, cambric muslin, shirt buttons, wrapping paper, a variety of brushes, looking glasses, bugle beads, tobacco, a wash stand, mahogany bureau, high post stead, etc. He addressed one of the letters to his wife, asking her to supply quantities of fabric. Also included is an 1841 county tax assessment and an 1835 letter that documents a change in site for holding local elections from Ruckman's place to a Mr. Baldwin's
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Consists of 35 letters written by the company manager, C.L.B. Tylee, to one of the company's salesmen, O.B. Greene in New York City and Baltimore, Md. in response to orders sent by Greene between January and April of 1902; Greene's contract, signed in April of 1902; two printed invoices of items in stock with and without prices; a price list; two copies of instructions for cleaning cut glass put out by Arcadia; two order forms; and two letters from Marshall Field & Co. asking for samples of perfume bottles. Included with one of the letters is a set of rules for salesmen visiting buyers at the Siegel Cooper Co -- The letters reveal that Arcadia was having a difficult time making a profit while trying to undercut its primary competitor, Elmira. Greene is often chastised by Tylee for selling products too cheaply. When business was not going well, Tylee suggested that Greene should try his luck in other cities as well as carry products from other firms
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Consists primarily of invoices and receipts for wool McKie brought from importers and other merchants. Most of the entries are marked paid. Also included are several pages with accounts of wool delivered and wool shipped. A list of sales reveals William McKie to be the primary customer
Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library
Contains a listing of companies by name, together with a detailed account of goods purchased from each by Merrill and Rowell. Items mentioned include: glass, earthenware, tea sets, dishes, jugs, mugs, tumblers, plates, prints, hats, combs, crayons, shoes, axes, barrels of fish, and cloth such as plaids and 'improved Waltham.' The companies supplying the merchandise were principally from Boston


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