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William L. Finley's papers primarily document his work as a wildlife conservationist, author, lecturer, photographer, and filmmaker from about 1900 to 1940. The collection also documents the work his wife Irene Finley and photography partner Herman Bohlman. The collection consists of published and unpublished manuscripts, lecture and field notes, reports, correspondence, photographs and motion picture films
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The Murie Family Papers consist predominately of the professional papers of three famous conservationists, Olaus Murie, Margaret Murie, and Adolph Murie. The collection contains reports, correspondence, memoranda, field notes and journals, publications, and an extensive collection of films. The materials relate to public land management wildlife conservation in Alaska, western Wyoming, and the desert Southwest
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The James G. Watt Papers consist mostly of material related to his political career in Washington D.C., which dated from 1962 through 1983. The bulk of these materials relate to his time as Director of the Bureau of Outdoor Recreation, as Commissioner of the Federal Power Commission, and as the Secretary of the Interior. Files regarding these positions include correspondence, travel vouchers, itineraries, speeches, magazine and newspaper clippings, video and audio recordings, scrapbooks, reports, bound printed matter, and photographs. A large portion of this material is related to the Secretary of the Interior including his resignation. Other material covers his time when he served Wyoming Senator Milward Simpson, when he was with the Water and Power Resources, and with the Mountain States Legal Foundation. There is a small amount of material related to his activities after resigning from the Secretary of the Interior in 1983, and there are several files containing personal and family ... Read More
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The collection pertains to various environmental issues most notably deforestation and Y2Y (the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative). Included are audio and video tapes and CDs; correspondence; photographs; slides; newsclippings; printed materials and subject files on wildlife, forestry, and administrative matters
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
This collection contains reports, publications, and assessments about environmental management plans and animal management plans. The information was used for research and the creation of new plans
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The bulk of the John Burnham papers consist of Burnham's correspondence from 1891 through 1939, the majority relating to wildlife conservation. Correspondents include many significant conservationists, including Theodore Roosevelt, Vilhjalmur Stefansson, Robert Sterling Yard, Gifford Pinchot, and George Bird Grinnell. Additional materials include written manuscripts, newspaper and magazine clippings, photographs, speeches, scrapbooks, and various organizational and government documents. A significant part of the collection documents conservation work related to New York State and Adirondack Park. Portions of the collection contain materials that relate to John Burnham's work and legacy, and were created by his son Koert Burnham after John's death
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
The John W. Scott papers include issues of Wyoming Wildlife Magazine (1936-1938, 1949), a scrapbook on Medicine Bow National Forest and Yellowstone National Park, and papers he wrote on environmental conservation and land use. Subject files found in the collection include topics such as the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission, the Izaak Walton League, Alfred Jacob Miller, national forests of Wyoming and Montana, and the Laramie, Wyoming, Post Office Department. The collection also contains newspaper clippings, 35 mm slides of University of Wyoming homecoming parades and scrap metal drives, film reels, master's thesis, awards and certificates, University of Wyoming yearbook (1919) and genealogical papers authored by John W. Scott
Utah State Historical Society
The collection documents Lee's commitment to conservation education. During his thirty-five years (1927-1962) as a staff member of the Utah Department of Fish and Game he collected descriptive, statistical and historical materials for use in lectures and histories of both "Fish and Game" and local wildlife federations, including professional correspondence, government documents and reports, statutes and memorandum
American Museum of Natural History
1. Value of wildlife research for proper land-use management. [1938] -- 2. Texas should lead in game: great opportunity exists for its development as recreational, esthetic, sporting and economic asset. [1940] -- 3. Game conditions / by 280 landowners, operators and residents / edited by D.A. Adams and W.P. Taylor. [1941] -- 4. Relationship of game and livestock to range vegetation in Kerr County, Texas / by Walter P. Taylor and Helmut K. Buechner. [1943] -- 5. A malformation in deer. [1943] -- 6. Wildlife aspects of cutover pine woodland in eastern Texas. [1943] -- 7. The Wildlife Society. [1943] -- 8. Some animals of the American wilderness. [1943] -- 9. Ecologic niches occupied by rabbits in eastern Texas. [1944] -- 10. The wild turkey in Texas. [1944] -- 11. Extension of range of the mink in Texas. [1944] -- 12. Wildlife in the Big Bend. [1944] -- 13. Game work on Texas ranges. [1944] -- 14. Conservation is not inherited. [1944] -- 15. Geographic distribution of Texas wildlife. ... Read More
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
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