University of North Carolina at Greensboro
This collection contains the official records that reflect the functions and activities of the Women's and Gender Studies Program from 1972-2004. These records contain materials related to staff meetings, committee correspondence, annual reports, self study reports, correspondence with affiliates, newsletters, information about courses and other general topics including but not limited to the WGS name change, the Initiative for Girls, the program proposal in 1973, and recruitment techniques. For a detailed description of this collection, follow the link to the online finding aid
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection includes correspondence with friends, colleagues, and students; speeches; articles and clippings; photographs; and audiocassettes of interviews, lectures, etc
University of Wisconsin, Stout
Description: Mostly consists of lectures and materials used in the Introduction to Women's Studies Course. Materials were added and thrown away by three women who taught the course: Bea Bigony, Janet Polansky, nad Virginia Wolf. There may also be some materials relating to the Womens Studies Program
Stanford University
This collection contains curriculum materials arranged in three series. The first series is from the Stanford Institute of Women's History, 1978, a workshop attended by high school teachers from across the country. Included are outlines, suggested readings, copies of readings, topics for discussion, and explanatory text. The second series is from a curriculum project on women in western civilization undertaken by the Organization of American Historians with support from the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. Included are syllabi, reading lists, introductory notes, and topics for discussion. The third series consists of readings from the Faculty Seminar in Feminist Studies at Stanford for 1981 and 1982
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection of early curricula, syllabi, readings, assignments, etc., on women's history, domestic violence, and other issues for which women are the focus. Includes Nancy S. Erickson's American Women's Legal History, 1984; Susan Schechter and William R. Downs's Domestic Violence, Child Maltreatment and Substance Abuse, 1998
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection includes conference presentations; speeches; writings; research and teaching materials; correspondence, board minutes, etc., from organizations in which she was active; files on consulting and curriculum development; etc
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection consists of the conference program as well as short program descriptions of graduate women's history programs and syllabi probably collected at the conference. Also four audiotapes of conference presentations
University at Buffalo, State University of New York
The collection consists of materials from Elizabeth Lapovsky Kennedy, Professor Women's Studies, which document her professional and academic work. It includes materials on her teaching, publications, political and social activism, resource materials, and her work in the Women's Studies and American Studies departments of the State University of New York at Buffalo. The collection also contains drafts, notes, correspondence, and transcripts of interviews for some of her publications. Additionally, it includes materials that document the social upheaval of the late 1960s through the 1970s. Her spiral notebooks cover a wide-range topics of interest to her such as coursework, meetings, and political and social activism. Other materials in this collection include local and national publications, fliers, newspapers, journals, photographs, audio cassettes, and posters. The subjects covered include campus unrest, Black liberation, socialism, the anti-war movement, the women's liberation ... Read More
Alverno College Library
The collection, dating from 1970, contains correspondence, questionnaires, programs, publicity and planning materials documenting Center-sponsored programs such as: Careers for Women Conference, Conference of Women Theologians, Midwest Conference on Women's Studies, Sperry-Hutchison Foundation Lecture Series, Smithsonian Exhibit on Women Workers, Women in Public Life in Wisconsin and the Women's Educational Equity Act Grant Project. There are also subject files, materials from an oral history project (Alverno students were interviewed), Center publications, photographs, and audio and videotapes of some Center-sponsored programming
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection includes correspondence; lectures; teaching and student files; drafts of writings; notes; etc


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