University of Montana--Missoula, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, K. Ross Toole Archives
Personal and professional papers of Dr. Jessie Bierman, a pioneer in the field of child and maternal health, from all stages of her life. The collection contents begin with writings related to Bierman?s family history and contain the memoirs of Jessie Bierman?s father, Henry Bierman, and her writings about him. Items from her early days include a poetry scrapbook filled with correspondence and poems, her high school yearbooks, and diploma. Her student days at the University of Montana are represented by a scrapbook and diploma. Materials from her medical career in California include a set of house call diaries (1931-1935). A scrapbook and related correspondence represent her years with the Montana Dept. of Health. Her positions in government and with international missions related to maternal and child health are reflected in correspondence and other writings. The collection contains the writings and publications Bierman completed while at the University of California and elsewhere, ... Read More
University of California, San Francisco - Archives and Special Collections
Professional correspondence
Drexel University
This collection contains material regarding Dr. Anny Elston's medical career in Germany and the United States after immigrating to New York in 1941 as a result of Nazi Germany's "Racial Laws." The collection includes Dr. Elston's medical credentials from Germany that allowed her to obtain her New York State Medical License as well as a number of certificates and membership from her medical career as a pediatrician in the United States, material regarding the financial operation of her medical practice, and patient records. The patient records are restricted until 2042. The collection includes materials such as official documents, correspondence, receipts, memorabilia, notes, photographs and patient records. This collection is a valuable resource for researchers interested in women's medical careers in the 20th century, the process of establishing a career in the United States following immigration, and the minutia of running a medical practice in New York City
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Clippings and pictures relating to Jean Colvin McAlister (ca. 1900-1987) of Greensboro, N.C., pediatrician and one of Greensboro's first women physicians
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Collection includes family correspondence, financial records, professional papers, patient records, articles and translations, and photographs. Correspondence includes letters from Anna Freud, Martin Freud, and from Kurt R. Eissler re: the establishment of the Sigmund Freud Archives
New Jersey Historical Society
Papers include correspondence, medical lecture notes, and genealogical research. Personal and professional correspondence describes Dr. Vann's medical residency in Edinburgh, Scotland (1934), his experiences as an Army Medical Corps officer in Europe during World War II, and his activities and contributions to the medical community, to health and public policy, and to alumni, civic and social activist organizations. Also, his medical writings, reports from Englewood Hospital, photographs, and published newsletters
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chiefly material collected by Mary Margaret McLeod in the course of researching her family history. Some of McLeod's personal correspondence and material concerning her career and her civic activities are also included. Letters, 1888-1994, and postcards, 1908-1994, are from family members about their activities and to McLeod from friends and patients. Included in the correspondence are letters from John Archibald McLeod and James Burgess McLeod to their mother, Evvie Thomas McLeod, and postcards from Private Thomas C. McLeod in Europe during World War I. Autobiographical materials include notes about McLeod's early years and also some information about her professional activities. Genealogical materials, 1875-1994, relate to the McLeod family of Moore and Lee counties, N.C. (Lee County was formed in 1907 from Moore and Chatham counties), including materials that went into McLeod's "Duncan McLeod and Barbara Kelly and Their Descendants," and materials relating to James A. McLeod and to ... Read More
Texas Woman's University - The Woman's Collection
One of the first two female interns at John Sealy Hospital at the University of Texas, Galveston, and first doctor in San Antonio to limit practice to pediatrics
Los Angeles Public Library
Photograph article dated March 22, 1965 partially reads, "Here's one sure way of finding a teen-age babysitter you can trust. Ask her if she's a member of G.E.M.S. If she is, she'll show you a card - proof that she has completed the course in babysitting sponsored by the San Fernando Valley Branch of the Women's Auxiliary to the Los Angeles County Medical Association. 'G.E.M.S. stands for Good Emergency Mother Substitute, ' said Mrs. Hartley Aram, Granada Hills, G.E.M.S. chairman of the Valley Branch." Photograph caption reads, "Pediatrician Dr. Phyllis Wright speaks to class.".


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