Columbia University
Army officer
Columbia University
Education, Naval Academy, 1926-1930; early training and assignments in aviation, flying off carriers; Bureau of Aeronautics, Navy Dept., 1940-1943; staff assignments, Pacific area, in World War II; Naval War College, 1947-1948; postwar, commanding Marine Air Wings and Assistant Director, Division of Aviation
Columbia University
Role in World War II Pacific Theater as fighter pilot; combat tactics and various missions, impressions of several P-38 aces; Charles Lindbergh's mission in the Pacific and his introduction of cruise control techniques
Columbia University
Development of military aviation, uses in World War I and World War II; influence of Giulio Douhet's doctrine of air command on United States and United Kingdom military leaders; Pearl Harbor, World War II Pacific operations, China-Burma-India theater, 1943-45; impressions of Charles Lindbergh, Generals Mitchell, Westover and Andrews
University of North Dakota - Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections
Manuscripts by Edward Lian include: From Fjord to Prairie (1972), autobiography recounting his youth in Norway and later years in Fairdale, ND; 90 Years of History (1975), letter concerning changes in world during his life. Manuscripts by Elmer T. Lian include: Prisoner of War: Germany - WWII (1969 draft, 1973 final copy), story of Lian's time as prisoner of war; Mentally Retarded: Outcasts of Society (1973) (4 v.), concerns issues surrounding mentally retarded; True Stories of Selected North Dakota War Veterans; POW Picture Book, photocopies of photos of Elmer's war experiences; Great Depression Strikes the Prairie: Writer's Guide Instructions; John H Bosch: Great American Agricultural Leader (1974); Strange Saga of Dr. John Olaf Sethre as a Life Long Hermit on His Homestead on the Prairie in Western North Dakota; American Air Force Pilot, Prisoner of War; North Dakota 100 Years: Years of Hope, Years of Pain (3 v.), photocopied photos concerning ND history. Other manuscripts include: ... Read More
Library of Congress,-- Manuscript Division
Correspondence, memoranda, diaries, logbooks, military records, biographical materials, scrapbooks, clippings, photos, and other papers, relating chiefly to Ballentine's naval career after 1920, including training as an air pilot, duties at the Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Va., including testing the Norden bombsight and the first remote control airplane, activities during World War II off the coast of North Africa during Operation Torch (1942) and as first commanding officer of the aircraft carrier Bunker Hill during campaigns in the Pacific Ocean (1943-1944), postwar duties in the Mediterranean Sea including those as commander of the Sixth Fleet (1948-1951), tour of duty as air force commander of the Atlantic Fleet (1951-1954), and activities as a member of a U.S. armed forces interservice board in Washington, D.C. (1956-1957). Includes histories of U.S. naval aviation and material relating to the Korean War
Worcester Historical Museum
Unit citations, passes, clippings, brochures, pamphlets from various countries, and photographs taken by Davidson
San Diego Air and Space Museum, Library and Archives
This collection contains materials relating to Williams military training and service as a flight navigator for the United States Army Air Corps and Air Force in the Pacific Theater of World War Two. Items include military orders, type correspondence, ink and pencil notes, drawings, and maps
San Diego Air and Space Museum, Library and Archives
The collection comprises many commendations, news clippings, letters, photos, and orders


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