Oberlin College
Correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, writings, tape recordings, oral history transcripts, printed materials, honorary medals, plaques, and gifts collected or created by Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stevenson during their youth (1917-25); during their Red Cross service overseas (1942-45); at Oberlin College during Stevenson's presidency (1946- 59); in the Philippines during Stevenson's tour as Ambassador; at the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Study (1967-70); and in retirement (1970-87)
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The Sherman L. Smith Papers consist of Smith's reminiscences of his service in Italy and on Kiska Island in the Aleutian Islands during World War II; news stories about Smith's 1986 meeting with a Japanese man who had been a soldier on Kiska; a news story and reminiscences about the August 1993 reunion of American and Japanese veterans of the Kiska operations; and a description of the American landing on Kiska in 1943
University of Texas at Dallas - McDermott Library
The Maurice M. Kay Collection contains material personally collected by Maurice M. Kay through out his career in commercial aviation
University of Oklahoma - Bizzell Memorial Library
U.S. Marine. Correspondence (1936-1944) from Earl Roaine Rhoads to his brother, Sherman Rhoads, his sister-in-law Ruth, and his nieces Shirley and Gaytha from military stations in the United States, Iceland, and Guam. Also, other correspondence between family members including Roaine's parents, Shirley and Lettie Rhoads, and his sister, Della Rhoads
Rutgers University Libraries
The Rutgers University Veterans History Collection is comprised of materials donated by the participants of the Rutgers Oral History Archives Program and includes diaries, a scrapbook, a musical album, a US Army-issue New Testament, memoirs, correspondence, military and veteran's organizations publications, maps, military records, photographs, Rutgers memorabilia and clippings
US Air Force Academy
This collection contains a microfilm of the complete historical report of the 17th Airborne Division's "Operation Varsity" in March, 1945, as well as two videocassettes. One cassette is entitled "Airborne Invasion of Normandy During World War II" and the other is called "Blind Courage." Also included within the collection are some notes written by Nevins regarding setting up a glider pilot holding position to support the 82nd Airborne Division in September of 1944. Additional material of interest is a copy of the 1st Airborne Division report on "Operation Market," Arnhem, 17-26 September, 1944
US Air Force Academy
This collection consists of a significant body of documentation which was gathered by Martha Byrd in conjunction with her research of the life and military career of General Claire Chennault. Included in these materials is correspondence, genealogical data and printed matter in support of the first four chapters of Ms. Byrd's biography of General Chennault. That biography was entitled "Chennault: Giving Wings to the Tiger" and was published in 1987. Other documents include correspondence, reports, and printed matter that detail Chennault's service in China from 1937-1941, his work with the American Volunteer Group, the China Air Task Force, and topical files from papers of Chennault's military and civilian contemporaries
Senator John Heinz History Center
The material includes diaries, correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, official documents and communiques, government and military issued materials and other miscellaneous items
Senator John Heinz History Center
This addition consists of photographs Hovanec took while serving in China and other travels during World War II, portraits, and a copy of Kollar News that contains an article written by Hovanec. Most of the photographs are identified
Wisconsin Veterans Museum Research Center
John Yetka describes his personal experiences while in Navy service before and during World War II as engineer aboard the USS Louisville and the USS Cape Esperance and subsequent work experiences in Wisconsin following the war. Yetka, growing up in Milwaukee during the depression years, rose to senior foreman in Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) before joining the Navy in 1939 (following in his brother's footsteps). He attended basic training at the Great Lakes Training Center prior to assignment on the Louisville as an engineer in the "black gang." Yetka touches upon USS Louisville's good will cruise to Recife (Brazil) and Montevideo (Uruguay) in time to see the Graf Spee scuttled. Following a mission carrying gold and platinum bullion from South Africa to New York, Yetka's brother came on board the Louisville prior to shipping out to the Philippines. Yetka reflects on providing escort for civilian transport ships from Philippines to American Samoa while not knowing that Pearl Harbor ... Read More


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