Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
Advertisements - RCA - 1950s
Denver Public Library
Includes musical scores, 45 rpm records, awards, and newspaper clippings that relate to Collins's career as a musician and educator
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Collection includes correspondence, a history of the harp, music programs, personal papers, and various media concerning the harpist John Marson, 1953-2004
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History
Primarily published sheet music, plus some related ephemera. Originally included 781 boxes of American sheet music and assorted clippings, articles, photographs, etc.; also 93 boxes of 33-1/3 RPM phonograph records, 30 boxes of 45 RPM records, and 20 boxes of 78 RPM records
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
The sound recordings consist of 45 rpm records and compact discs that represent artists that Jeep came in contact with during his time working with A-Square records, or otherwise had a personal interest in. The series includes a number of 45 rpm singles as well as a compact disc compilation of artists that released songs on the A-Square label
University of California, Berkeley
Original fliers and posters advertising punk rock concerts and other events, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, including performances by Iggy Pop, Karen Finley, Black Flag, Survival Research Laboratories, Carolina Rainbow, Reducers, Wild Nixons and numerous others. Venues advertised include Mabuhay Gardens and Savoy Tivoli (San Francisco) and Pauley Ballroom (Berkeley) among many others
Pennsylvania State University Libraries
This is a collection of audio materials relating to the Pennsylvania Dutch and the Amish. Included in the collection are three 45 rpm records (Chust plain talkin at a quilting bee, Pennsylvania Dutch Humor (Schnitzel), People pieces (Good)), several audio tours on cassette tapes (Inside the wonderful world of the Amish, Journey into Amish life, and Lancaster: Penn. Dutch country circle tour), LPs from musical productions (Broadway's Plain and Fancy, the motion picture soundtrack of Witness, the sound track of The Lancaster experience). Songs are also represented in the collection by a set of vinyl recordings, Pennsylvania Dutch folksongs (J. William Frey), a printed collection of song lyrics (Country-Gospel homestyle songs and ballads (Andy Miller, 1989)), hymn lyrics for Halleluia! Halleluia! (translated from the German), and a cassette of Amish singing by the Menno-Hof in Indiana
Utah State Archives and Records Service
These are the scrapbooks for South High School. They were used to document school activities. They have been used extensively by the alumni for planning reunions. They were maintained sporadically by the school and do not cover the school's entire history. They contain: newspaper clippings of athletic, social and historic events, copies of flyers and programs, posters, invitations, letters, name tags, and photographs. By the mid 1960s, these scrapbooks were created by the school historian. A South High Association of Girls (SHAG) History (1932, 1936-39) is included. Also included are two 45-rpm records, one featuring dance music. The other is "a recording of memorable events, 1954-1955, taken as they happened." Missing from the series are the following scrapbooks: 1941/42, 1944/45, 1949-52, 1954/55, 1959/60, 1960-67, 1975/76, 1982/83, 1986-88
Nicholls State University, Ellender - Ellender Memorial Library
This collection contains 498 (45-rpm) records, 169 (33 1/3 rpm) albums, seventy-nine audio cassettes, and six "Cart" (cartridge) tapes which were created by the studio and used for various broadcasting purposes. The recordings consist of Cajun music from local and national recording artists
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Radio scripts, sound recordings, and video recordings documenting the musical careers of the Johnson Family Singers and Betty Johnson. Radio scripts include 158 scripts from WBT radio shows in Charlotte, N.C., 1943-1965, in which the Johnson Family Singers performed. Sound recordings include non-commercial recordings on acetate and transcription discs, as well as commercial 45s, 78s, LPs, and compact discs


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