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Harvard University Law School - Historical and Special Collections
Contains records of receipts signed by local sheriffs upon receipt of payment for their services in connection with the law practice of Frederick Smith in court of common pleas for various counties of Pennsylvania. A list of these sheriffs (1796-1826) is available in volume one
American Textile History Museum - Osborne Library
Store account books with many entries for the purchase of various textiles
College of William and Mary - Special Collections Research Center
Account books (mostly daybooks) of Timberlake, Hicks & Co., Fauquier County, Va
Colonial Williamsburg - Special Collections
Collection contains two ledgers and several miscellaneous pages. The first ledger begins with several pages of mathematical exercises. The majority of the pages pertain to the Estate of John Loyall in Account with Thomas Loyall. Additional notes were added to the ledger in the 1870s by P.B. Loyall. The second ledger was the account book of Thomas Loyall, a Virginia blacksmith. As is the case with the first ledger, P.B. Loyall added his own accounts between the 1870s and 1890s. Miscellaneous family papers found within the second ledger, including a copy of the will of Frances Loyall, have been moved to a separate folder. Other papers include rental agreements between P.B. Loyall and others, and an 1897 letter from Dr. Lee Staton to "Coley.".
Detroit Public Library - Special Collections
Collection contains receipts, an account book and notice for "Farm for Sale" by James Cross
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Account books, daybooks, and ledgers of Benoni B. Bacon, Juba Bacon, Calvin Barber, stonemason and gravestone carver, H.C. Bissell, merchant, Thomas Case, merchant, Elias Pettibone, shoemaker, Timothy Stone, carriages, Noah Weston, shoemaker, and other residents, chiefly of Simsbury, Conn. Includes account book of Salmon Eno containing accounts relating to the town of Simsbury; and account book and journal (1818-1834) of Titus Bissell, of Charleston, S.C.
Washington and Lee University - Special Collections and Archives
Scope and Contents These account books contain records of treatments applied, fees charged and payments received. 1862-1865 accounts are entered in a daybook of a Collierstown, Virginia general store. 1862 accounts include medical lecture notes.
Penobscot Marine Museum
Personal letters (1874-1875) to Capt. Lincoln Gilkey from brother Welcome Gilkey, in Liverpool, England, Jonathan Dow and William McGilvery, Searsport, and others; personal letters (1847-1875) to Capt. Robert C. Gilkey from Royal Gilkey, Watertown, Mass., Isaac Gilkey, Searsport, Welcome Gilkey, Watertown, Mass., and others with maritime and family news, business advice, and some lumber references; part of a revenue-stamped Searsport note for $334.75, an order, and receipt for wages paid to Jacob Jackson, steward of the brig Manson, stamped "1869"; business correspondence and papers of Capt. Robert C. Gilkey including letter (1849) from brother Royal Gilkey, Watertown (1849 Jan. 15) relating to the California gold rush and details of a house to be erected there as well as hydrophobia epidemic among dogs and the death of one man; charter party (1860) for brig Marshall Dutch; bills of exchange for varying amounts from $100 to $600 from various locations; account book (1880s) of Annie R. ... Read More
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This collection consists of two account books: Williams' daybook, 1818-1819, representing the business of his general store, and an account book, 1826-1861, detailing farm labor performed and produce sold. The folio daybook includes an index and is a daily record of the sale of rum, tobacco, cloth and clothing, foodstuffs and household items. The account book is organized by debtor and contains such entries as hauling wood, carting potatoes, pasturing cows, various odd jobs, and the sale of meat and fruit. The volume also includes an account of unspecified quarterly drafts, 1860, with a list of locations. Among the people frequently services by Williams were his two brothers, Andrew Augustus Williams (1792-1873) and John Fowler Williams (1790-1867)