Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Registers listing for each resident includes: name, county of residence, dates admitted and discharged, and name and address of contact person or guardian
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Address books, lists, business cards, and envelopes and other fragments containing addresses
New York State Archives
This series consists of addresses of patient contacts and correspondents arranged alphabetically by patient name. Letters (s-sister, d-daughter, h-husband, c-cousin, etc.) in parentheses denote the correspondent's relationship to the patient. Occasionally notations are included indicating whether the correspondent is responsible for patient clothing. Permissions or refusals for autopsies, additional correspondents to be notified in case of patient deaths, and returned mail are also noted. The names of dead or discharged patients are crossed out. While a note at the beginning of Volume 1 indicates that entries are indexed to case number 6630, dates or additional case number information in the remaining volumes cannot be ascertained. These volumes have been rendered fragile from extensive water damage
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Scope and Content Information These two six-ring address notebooks, one black and one brown, ca. 1925-1934, belonged to Dumas Malone, former professor of history and biographer (of Thomas Jefferson) in residence at the University of Virginia, and contain the addresses of his associates, friends and family/
Ohio Wesleyan University - L.A. Beeghly Library
8 scrapbooks of articles and illustrations clipped from magazines and newspapers, postcards and photographs. Scrapbooks are dated August 27, 1915 - December 25, 1921. 3 books of handwritten notes titled American Medicine dated August 10, 1901-December 28, 1901, July 5, 1902- December 27, 1902 and January 3, 1903-June 27, 1903. 34 diaries dated 1881-1919. 3 address books, 1 envelope of letters addressed to Professor Hewitt or to "My dear friend" and one 0BK key. These items are stored in two boxes
Harvard University - Houghton Library
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Register listing for each resident includes: name, county of residence, dates admitted and discharged, and name and address of contact person or guardian.
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Correspondence, notebook, address books, photographs, etc., of social worker Margaret Wither Griffith.
American Jewish Archives - Jacob Rader Marcus Center
Correspondence with her father, Jacob G. Joseph, 1913-1914; photographs; address books; and miscellaneous items.


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