Brooklyn Museum
Includes numerous color lithograph printed advertising cards from Brooklyn firms : Joseph J. Byers, fine boots and shoes -- John Paret & Co., retail clothiers -- F. Bischoff, manufacturer of Standard Brand cocoa -- James F. Marsters, sportsmens depot -- E. Hoffmann, fashionable boot & shoe maker -- Fuhry, the hatter
Senator John Heinz History Center
Twenty-nine cards from various companies
University of California, Berkeley
Album contains advertising cards from various industries and businesses, especially fashion supply. Also contains greeting cards. Most cards show ladies and flowers, a few show the products advertised
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
Variety of advertising items from in and around Indiana
Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute
Three photolithographic advertising cards produced for tooth polish, "Best Tonic" and Farm and Fireside and the Ladies Home Companion
Chicago History Museum
Subdivided by subject. A list of subjects used is in each box
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
Collection contains 20 advertising cards, brochures, and other materials from local merchants throughout Indiana
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
This is a series of 12 advertising cards for DuPont smokeless gunpowder, each illustrated with a different game animal and caption surrounded by a red border. Cards are Gray Squirrel -- "DuPont Smokeless is a very easy name to remember;" Canvas Backs (ducks) -- "DuPont Smokeless, the most popular of all powders;" Jack Rabbit -- "A century of success is the guarantee of DuPont Smokeless;" Jack Snipe -- "DuPont powder is the foundation of a good shell and the making of a good shot;" Prairie Chicken -- "No powder has ever achieved such fame as DuPont Smokeless;" Woodcock -- "The name DuPont is on good shells in every store;" Quail -- "DuPont, the oldest American powder made by the oldest powdermakers;" Wild Turkey -- "The safety of the nation depends upon the integrity of DuPont Powder, U.S. Standard;" Blue Wing Teal (duck) -- "Fred Gilbert always uses DuPont Smokeless and he is the best shot in the world;" Canada Goose -- "Thousands of sportsmen select DuPont Smokeless;" Ruffed Grouse ... Read More
University of California, Berkeley
Prints consist of views and advertising text for the following clipper ships, primarily sailing to or from San Francisco: David Crockett, Richard S. Ely, Flying Mist, Hornet, Andrew Jackson (two cards), Pocahontas, Prima Donna, Sumatra, and Volunteer. Several of the cards are for Coleman's California Line
Indiana State Library - Manuscripts and Rare Books
Three hotel advertising cards are mounted on cardboard, three-hole-punched page, of which there are eleven. All of the cards have drawings of the hotel which is advertised. Most of the cards are 2 1/2" high and 6" wide. The oldest one is 1894 (St. Nicholas Hotel, Decatur, Ill.) and the newest are 1917 (The Samer, Salina, Kansas, and The Lee-Huckins Hotel, Oklahoma City, Okla.). The three cards on the first page are: Union Hotel, Port Huron, Mich., November 19, 1903; Hotel Conner, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., June 1, 1904; and Hotel Iredell, Statesville, N.C., with no date. The dates are handwritten. Some of the places where the hotels are located are: Tulsa, Okla.; Richmond, Ind.; Columbus, Neb.;Wichita, Kan., Newton, Kansas; and Marion, Ind. Other states are: W. Va., Pa., Ill., Mo., N.C., Texas, and Ohio. All are black and white except two: The Regis, Peoria, Ill. is blue, and Saratoga Hotel, Danville, Ill. is red. They all depict hotel exteriors except one: The Everett House, Saginaw, ... Read More