Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
Articles on Concorde landing, Federal Aviation Administration, bomb threats, Chautauqua Airlines
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Microfilm of subject files, correspondence, press releases, speeches, press conferences, and articles, including material relating to international air transportation policy; miscellaneous reports; press releases; and publications
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Correspondence, memoranda, reports, press releases, abstracts, information bulletins, and blueprints of the U.S. President's Aircraft Board, appointed by President Calvin Coolidge and chaired by Dwight W. Morrow, relating to its work in formulating American military and civilian aviation policy. Documents the role of Coolidge and the board in the passage of Civil Aeronautics Act of 1926 and the founding of the U.S. Army Air Corps and the post of Assistant Secretary for Aviation in the War Department
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Microfilm of CAB records concerning reorganization and legislation; together with CAB reports
Stanford University
In the matter of the applications of universal air freight ... : Brief on behalf of International Forwarding Co. and International Expediters, Inc., (of Illinois) / C.J. Burrill (1947) -- In the matter of the applications of universal air freight ... : Brief to the examiner on behalf of Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. / Chadbourne, Wallace, Parke & Whiteside (1947) -- In the matter of the applications of universal air freight ... : Brief of United Air Lines, Inc. in support of exceptions to the report of examiner J. Earl Cox / Mayer, Meywe, Austrian & Platt (1948) -- Baltimore exhibit BAC-1 / prepared by Baltimore Association of Commerce (1947) -- Exhibit of Federal Air Freight Company of California Inc. / Thomas L. Stevens, Stanley M. Morley -- Air freight forwarder proceeding / Air Cargo Forwarding Agency (1947) -- Testimony of John C. Emery, President, Emery Air Freight Corporation -- Testimony of Giles Morrow, in behalf of the Freight Forwarders Institute ([1947]) -- ... Read More
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
The Sourdough Air Transport Records document the operations of a non-scheduled air transport company based in Seattle, Washington, which provided passenger and freight service in Alaska, 1947-1962. The collection includes correspondence, financial records, insurance and legal papers, passenger and cargo manifests, freight bills, flight logs, and company operations manuals
New York State Historical Documents
Records pertaining to local companies involved in early aviation, including the Heinrich Brothers, Ordnance Engineering (ORENCO), Cox-Klemmin, Baldwin Aircraft, and Grumman Aircraft
San Diego Air and Space Museum, Library and Archives
This collection consists of aircraft mileage logs for the Caroline dating from the aircraft's purchase in 1959 until its donation to the Smithsonian in 1967. Parts of this collection were damaged in the SDASM fire in 1978. The aircraft logs were secured in two folders 1959-1963, and 1964-1967. Additionally, passenger lists and detailed mileage reports were kept in two Flight Safety, Inc. notebooks, which contains lists in one notebook, and reports in the other. There seems to be no official reason for the lists which were damaged in the 1978 museum fire. At some point, the collection was split. The aircraft logs and related documentation were filed separately from Griscom's personal papers. Expense account summaries were inserted into the associated months for the logs from 1963 to 1967. Additionally, the 1966 logs include letters to Captain Baird and Captain Griscom containing guidelines for potential medical emergencies for Ambassador Kennedy, as well as other corporate ... Read More
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