Center for Jewish History
The collection consists of printed and hand-drawn maps of countries, regions, cities and towns around the world. The maps are grouped into two series, General and Holocaust. Both series are arranged alphabetically by geographical place name. The General series includes: political maps; topographic maps; city and street maps; maps showing Jewish populations of various countries. The collection focuses on Europe and Israel. Included are maps of Austria, Germany, England, Israel, Lithuania, Palestine, Poland, Russia. The Holocaust series includes: maps and plans of concentration camps, extermination centers; maps of ghettos; maps of deportation routes from various countries to concentration camp points; maps showing centers of resistance and underground activity; maps of Europe showing locations of concentration camps; maps of POW camps in Germany. Countries include Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Germany, Russia and Soviet Union. The greatest number of maps relate to Poland
Connecticut Historical Society
Amateur drawings of several eastern states of the United States, of Palestine, South America and Africa, showing county boundaries, rivers and major towns
Stanford University
The collection contains 316 maps of Africa and its islands collected by Oscar I. Norwich.
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library
Collection of 24 maps, 1732,1910, of various size, material, age, and quality collected by Wilbert Wright. Maps document a number of African countries, regions, and the routes of explorers, including: Robert Moffat, Jean Dybowski, F. Oates, and Heinrich Barth. Some of the maps were removed from books or atlases. Some of the maps are undated (20th century) reproductions. Some of the maps are black and white while others are colored or tinted. Some of the maps are in French. Various maps were printed in England, the U.S. or France. Besides maps of West, Eastern, Northwest, and Central Africa, the nations of South Africa, Natal, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, Tunis, Morocco, Mozambique, Luzon, and Zululand are also represented
New Hampshire State Library- New Hampshire Automated Information System
File includes political and historical National Geographic maps, and New York Times magazine on Mandela
School of The Art Institute of Chicago - John M. Flaxman Library
University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, UWM Libraries
Language:English Format:Map Contents:Physical geography Political complexion Rain, Nov. to May Rain, May to Nov. Exploration Drainage Population Races German colonies Islam. Subjects:Rain and rainfall--Africa--Maps. Africa--Maps. Notes:Relief shown by shading and spot heights. Published in "Fortune," Nov. 1941. Includes 8 inset maps. Text and ill. on verso
University of Wisconsin, Madison - Archives and Special Collections
Funeral programs from Africa is a collection of pamphlets, produced by families or colleagues of the deceased, on the occasion of funerals in various African countries, especially Ghana and Cameroon. They range in size from simple folded sheets to large pamphlets. They include photographs of the deceased, as well as long or short accounts of the life and accomplishments of the person being honored. A program for the funeral service is generally provided. Maps to aid the mourners find the location of the funeral service are often included. The earliest item in the collection is from 2000, but the bulk of the collection dates from 2012 on
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
Includes field reports, geological maps, photographs, slides, thin sections, reports, articles and letters pertaining to geology and lecture notes on geology
Duke University - David M. Rubenstein Rare Book and Manuscript Library
Several items relate to church affairs, including letters of Samuel A. Crowther describing Christian missions in southern Nigeria and the havoc caused by slave traders, 1852; John Wilson mentioning disorders in South Africa; Joseph Williams describing missionary work in southern Tanganyika, 1882; Zakaria Kizito Kisingiri describing his mother's funeral in Uganda, 1912; John William Colenso, Bishop of Natal, noting the uncertainty of his career, 1864; and T. Durant Philip on missionary work in Cape Colony, 1849. Includes a picture of Paulus Moort, rector of Trinity Episcopal Church in Monrovia, Liberia. Other material includes a letter of N. Abcarius about a plot against the Mahdi of Sudan, 1885; the complaint of a minor official in Cairo against British inactivity in the Sudan, 1889; and two items pertaining to the visit of George V to Port Said, 1911. Includes a small volume of economic statistics on the Cape Colony, 1781-1803, 38 pp.; a letter of Arthur D. Cushing describing looting ... Read More