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Includes sample serials, government documents and pamphlets from or about Southern Africa (as a region), Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, and Swaziland. See also separate box for South Africa
Yale University
The papers document the political, trade union, and intellectual life of South Africa. There are large quantities of material relating to the South African Trade Union Congress, the South African Trades and Labour Council, and the South African Congress of Trade Unions. The collection is also very strong in material relating to the African National Congress, the Communist Party of South Africa, and its successor, the South African Communist Party. There is also research material relating to Jack and Ray Alexander Simons's sociological work on the administration of criminal justice in South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, and Kenya; the health of rural Africans; health and safety in the mines; legal status of African women; class and color in South Africa; and the industrial color bar
Indiana University - Archives of Traditional Music
Reel 1: Music from Taungs, Bechuanaland, South Africa. Reel 2: Music from Taungs, Bechuanaland, South Africa, and from Ondangua, Ovamboland, Southwest Africa. Reel 3: Music for a girl's coming of age (i.e. Efundulu), and other music from Ondangua, Ovamboland, Southwest Africa. Reel 4: Wailing, ululations, mourning music, girl's coming of age music, and other music from Oshikongo, Ovamboland, Kraal I and Kraal II, Southwest Africa, and music from near Eliah Kraal, Eastern Ovamboland, Southwest Africa. Reel 5: Music from near Eliah Kraal, Eastern Ovamboland, Southwest Africa, and Nehemiah Kraal, Southwest Africa. Reel 6: Music from Oshikongo, Ovamboland, Nehemiah Kraal, Southwest Africa, and children's songs and other songs from Galangue, Angola. Reels 7 and 8: Music from Galangue, Angola. Reel 9: Work and play songs from Dondi and Galangue, Angola
Northwestern University
Includes 59 images on 9 leaves, of Afikpo and Ekwe expeditions (1902-1904); as well as images of the United States and Canada (1902) and India (1905-1907), and of family and friends
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
World atlas containing 10 nautical charts, table of declinations, etc.: 1. f. 1v: Circular calendar 2. f. 2v: Table of declinations 3. f. 3: Armillary sphere 4. ff. 3v-4: Zodiac with small Atlantic hemisphere in center with a central cord to be used as a pointer 5. ff. 4v-5: Pacific Ocean with portions of North America, South America, Asia, and East Indies 6. ff. 5v-6: Atlantic Ocean with portions of North America, South America, Europe, and Africa 7. ff. 6v-7: Indian Ocean, Africa, southern Asia, and portion of East Indies 8. ff. 7v-8: British Isles, France, and northern Spain 9. ff. 8v-9: Iberian peninsula and northwest Africa 10. ff. 9v-10: Western Mediterranean and Italy 11. ff. 10v-11: Eastern Mediterranean, Italy, and Aegean Sea 12. ff. 11v-12: Black Sea 13. ff. 12v-13: Aegean Sea 14. ff. 13v-14: Oval map of the world (showing one route: around the world via the Moluccas) 15. f. 14v: Ruling for calendar
New York Public Library
A selection of papers documenting Jack O'Dell's role as policy adviser to Rev. Jesse Jackson and as director of international affairs for the National Rainbow Coalition in Washington, D.C. during the 1980s. Included are correspondence and notes, conference packets and other material related to civil rights (1962-2004), the Africa Leadership Forum (1988-1991), the Reparations Conference in Nigeria (Dec. 1990), Constituency for Africa (1992), and Solidarity movements in Africa (Southern Africa, Zambia), the Middle East (Palestine, Iran), Asia (China, India), Latin America (Nicaragua, Cuba), and Europe (GDR), 1959-2000s. Occasional correspondents include Rev. Jesse Jackson, civil rights attorney Clarence B. Jones, Anne Braden of the Southern Conference Educational Fund, historian Manning Marable, Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo and Casa de Las Americas president, Roberto Fernandez Retamar. Also includes a correspondence file for a 1970 Martin Luther King, Jr. documentary film ... Read More