Rockefeller Archive Center
Annual Reports: -- 1) Virus Research Center, Poona (India), 1966-1971; 2) Annual Progress Report May 1, 1969-April 30, 1970 for Arthropod-borne Virus Research Unit, Berkley, CA; 3) The Rockefeller Foundation Virus Laboratories, RIMR, 1957; 4)Colombian Agricultural Program, May 1, 1954-April 30, 1955; 5) Central American Cooperative Corn Improvement, 1955; 6) Belem Virus Laboratory, 1969; 7) University of Ibadan Arbovirus Research Project 1968, 1969, 1970; 8) Cali (Colombia) Virus Laboratory, 1967,1968-1969; 9) Yale Arbovirus Research Unit, 1967-1972
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Fruit Growers Supply Company is a manufacturing and supply affiliate of Sunkist Growers (formerly California Fruit Growers Exchange). It was organized in 1907 to assure supplies for producing and marketing citrus crops
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The Board of Registration of Dispensing Opticians was established in 1955 within the Department of Civil Service and Registration (Division of Registration)
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The Drainage Board, established in 1918, was successibely renamed the State Reclamation Board in 1923 and the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board in 1983
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Annual reports of 1976 - 1979