United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Contains photographic negatives of snap shots of former camp prisoners, who were also musicians and artists; photographic negatives of artwork, music notation, and song texts relating to the concentration camps; and 28 photo post cards of Prague, Czechoslovakia. The negatives were presumably collected by Kulisiewicz for possible inclusion in his concentration camp music anthology
Yale University
Three watercolor bust-length portraits of three African American children, each signed at lower left: "S. Milton," possibly an itinerant artist. The drawings are on square pieces of cream Whatman paper and date to the mid-nineteenth century. The subjects are possibly children of servants employed in the Luykas Van Alen house, Kinderhook, Columbia County, New York, in the mid-nineteenth century
Yale University
The collection consists of ten charcoal portraits of nineteenth-century American statesmen drawn by the artist George Gardner Rockwood. The sitters include Henry Clay, Benjamin Harrison, William Henry Harrison, Rutherford B. Hayes, Andrew Jackson, Franklin Pierce, James K. Polk, Zachary Taylor, Martin Van Buren, and Daniel Webster. The drawings were made on cream or tinted papers, and are signed "Rockwood / NY" on the left or right side of the image; they are captioned at the bottom with the sitters' names but are not dated
Yale University
Two undated crayon drawings by Don Freeman of African American artist Beauford Delaney. Each is signed "DF" at lower right and mounted on a sheet of blue paper. One drawing portrays Delaney seated at a table with a coffee cup and pot; the other is a bust-length portrait
Drew University - Rose Memorial Library
Part 1. John Quincy Adams. Address ... to his constituents of the Twelfth Congressional District, at Braintree, September 17th, 1842 / Adams, John Quincy (1842) -- Correspondence between John Quincy Adams ... and several citizens of Massachusetts concerning the charge of a design to dissolved the Union, alleged to have existed in that State / Adams, John Quincy (1829) -- Dermot Mac Morrogh; or, the conquest of Ireland; an historical tale of the twelfth century in four cantos / Adams, John Quincy (1832) -- An oration addressed to the citizens of the Town of Quincy, on the fourth of July, 1831, the fifty fifth anniversary of the independence of the United States of America / Adams, John Quincy (1831) -- An oration delivered before the inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport, at their request, on the sixty-first anniversary of the Declaration of independence, July 4th, 1837 / Adams, John Quincy (1837) -- Speech (suppressed by the previous question) of Mr. John Quicy Adams, of ... Read More
Yale University
The collection contains 100 American engravings dating from the second quarter of the nineteenth century, some after portrait paintings by John Paradise. These include: 22 portraits engraved by John Wesley Paradise; 8 portraits engraved by A.B. Durand or Durand & Paradise; 50 unsigned miniature portraits and vignettes likely engraved for bank notes, most printed on India proof paper mounted on heavier stock, 3 of which were created for printers Baldwin, Adams & Co. and Baldwin, Bald & Cousland; and a folder of portraits not signed or by other engravers. An historical scene engraved by John Wesley Paradise after Salvatore Rosa is an early example of his work, and bears columns of figures, graphite and ink vignettes, and his signature on its verso
Getty Research Institute
These pen-and-ink portraits of the American experimental pianist and composer David Tudor reveal the contemplative, focused aspects of his personality, while documenting the composer's 1960s period and his friendship with Asawa
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center
Barro -- J. Barstow -- Carl Bohnen -- Floyd Brackney -- J.H. Brimmer -- Margaret Fitzhugh Browne -- Thomas J. Buckton -- Cato -- Gustavo Cenci ; Terzo Cenci -- John L. Conger -- Homer Davenport -- William Driscoll -- Harvey Thomas Dunn -- M.C. Eitelgeorge -- Doris Fournie -- Herman Fritzenkotter -- O. Grosch -- Haupt -- Elmer Jacobs -- KET -- Karl K. Knecht -- Ralph G. Lindstrom -- Otto Lang -- Chris Lewis -- Roy Matsunga -- Ruth McMillan -- McV -- Mellinger -- Marius Philippeau -- John E. Pretsch -- Frank Psensky -- Sidney H. Riesenberg -- John A. Rogers -- Charles M. Ross -- Joe Ross -- JGS -- Satterfield -- Otto J. Schneider -- Peter Shinozaki -- H. Wilson Smith -- Unknown contemporary painter -- Leon C. Wheeler -- C.E. Woodward
Autry National Center - Museum of the American West
This collection consists of administrative records, Photographic Field Notes, photographic files, and works of art on paper created during a Federal Art Project sponsored by the National Park Service at the Southwest Museum and the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art from 1936-1937. The first series contains administrative records, which include correspondence, instructions, personnel reports, and other notes and records regarding the administration of the Federal Art Project. The second series of these records includes Photographic Field Notes, Photographic File Notes, and photographs created for this project. Photographic Field Notes document field serial numbers and headquarter serial numbers, and information regarding the object being photographed and the photographer's technical information. The photographs created for this project are mostly of clothing in the Southwest Museum and the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art and of artifacts at the Southwest ... Read More
University of Virginia
Confederate soldier; corporal in Carpenter's battery; severely wounded at Fredericksburg