Brown University - John Hay Library
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Contains photographic negatives of snap shots of former camp prisoners, who were also musicians and artists; photographic negatives of artwork, music notation, and song texts relating to the concentration camps; and 28 photo post cards of Prague, Czechoslovakia. The negatives were presumably collected by Kulisiewicz for possible inclusion in his concentration camp music anthology
Drew University - Rose Memorial Library
Part 1. John Quincy Adams. Address ... to his constituents of the Twelfth Congressional District, at Braintree, September 17th, 1842 / Adams, John Quincy (1842) -- Correspondence between John Quincy Adams ... and several citizens of Massachusetts concerning the charge of a design to dissolved the Union, alleged to have existed in that State / Adams, John Quincy (1829) -- Dermot Mac Morrogh; or, the conquest of Ireland; an historical tale of the twelfth century in four cantos / Adams, John Quincy (1832) -- An oration addressed to the citizens of the Town of Quincy, on the fourth of July, 1831, the fifty fifth anniversary of the independence of the United States of America / Adams, John Quincy (1831) -- An oration delivered before the inhabitants of the Town of Newburyport, at their request, on the sixty-first anniversary of the Declaration of independence, July 4th, 1837 / Adams, John Quincy (1837) -- Speech (suppressed by the previous question) of Mr. John Quicy Adams, of ... Read More
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Photographs show entertainers, composers, writers, politicians, artists, educators and some nude figure studies. Famous people depicted include Josef Albers, Emile Bernard, Berthold Brecht, Max Ernst, Lionel Feininger, Leonhard Frank, Wassily Kandinsky, John Steinbeck, and Sarah Vaughan. Documentary photographs of Asia show city and village life, landscapes, workers, women, children and temples in Bali, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, and Nepal. Some sites in the United States, Canada, and Europe are also featured
New York Public Library
Photographs from Project Apollo, Skylab, Viking and other NASA projects. Includes Apollo 13-17, Skylab 1-4, and images of models, artist conceptions and testing for the Space Shuttle; views of building and testing equipment; astronauts training, doing a food compatibility test, visiting launch pad, during extravehicular activity, on the moon conducting experiments, with flag, bathing in Skylab, and formal portraits; plaque left on the moon commemorating astronauts and cosmonauts that had died in service; spider carried aboard Skylab; views of space craft on the launch pad and during lift-off, parachutes deployed; Manned Spacecraft Center, Houston; differential movement simulator; undersea research vessel to be used in Tektite II and III; artists conceptions of lunar landing site, deployment of satellite from Apollo 16, Skylab cluster, rescue vehicle, solar shield, multiple docking adapter. Places pictured from Apollo and Skylab include San Francisco Bay, N. Utah, Lake Superior, ... Read More
University of California, Berkeley
A collection of celebrity cartes de visite and other portraits from Europe and the United States including actors, actresses, royalty, literary figures, military officers, and some unidentified people
New York Public Library
Studio portraits of African American artists including Adolphus Ealey, Herb Gentry, Leon Hicks, and Sam Middleton
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center
Barro -- J. Barstow -- Carl Bohnen -- Floyd Brackney -- J.H. Brimmer -- Margaret Fitzhugh Browne -- Thomas J. Buckton -- Cato -- Gustavo Cenci ; Terzo Cenci -- John L. Conger -- Homer Davenport -- William Driscoll -- Harvey Thomas Dunn -- M.C. Eitelgeorge -- Doris Fournie -- Herman Fritzenkotter -- O. Grosch -- Haupt -- Elmer Jacobs -- KET -- Karl K. Knecht -- Ralph G. Lindstrom -- Otto Lang -- Chris Lewis -- Roy Matsunga -- Ruth McMillan -- McV -- Mellinger -- Marius Philippeau -- John E. Pretsch -- Frank Psensky -- Sidney H. Riesenberg -- John A. Rogers -- Charles M. Ross -- Joe Ross -- JGS -- Satterfield -- Otto J. Schneider -- Peter Shinozaki -- H. Wilson Smith -- Unknown contemporary painter -- Leon C. Wheeler -- C.E. Woodward