Butte-Silver Bow Public Archives
Blueprints showing installation of steam heat tunnels in Butte's central business district
University of California, San Diego
The collection consists of 2 blueprints, description as follows: 1. Radio Central Arrangement Plan, September 30, 1964, Drawing No. RC-1, [17"x22"]. 2. C & S Instrument Room Arrangement, October 7, 1964, Drawing No. CS1 - 1, Scale: 1"=1'-0", Number requuired: 2, Job No. 245, [17"x22"]
University of California, San Diego
The accession consists of four blueprints. Three of these are 15 1/2 x 45 1/2 blueprints of the marine vessel ORCA, which include drawings of the boat deck, main deck arrangements and platform deck. One blueprint measures 30 x 61 1/2 and depicts a ship plan of FS 208 conversion. This blueprint is dated March 13, 1962 and notes that th blueprint was revised by Parker C. Emerson & Associates on November 4, 1963
New York State Historical Documents
Blueprints and specifications for a caretaker's cottage and public comfort station at Crown Point Reservation (what is now Crown Point State Historic Site)
Lake County Historical Society
Blueprints of landscape design and a topographic map for a public park in Medina, Ohio
University of Michigan - Bentley Historical Library
The materials in this record group document the deliberations and internal as well as external communications of the Diversity Blueprints Task Force and its subcommittees. Administrative files include e-mail, meeting materials, public suggestions, resources, and draft and final versions of the Task Force reports. Archived websites provided a platform to promote the Task Froce's work and disseminate its findings. This series also contains related information on university initiatives to promote diversity
University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire - Special Collections and Archives
Plans for the building of a new town hall indicate floor plans for each floor, dimensions, and materials used in construction. Material was filed with the State Planning Board
Museum of the Great Plains
Blueprints (oversized) of the Warren Hotel, Lawton, Okla
Montana Historical Society Research Center - Archives and Photograph Archives
This collection of blueprints are of the Placer Hotel located in Helena, Montana. The hotel was built through the Hotel Investment Company. The head architect on this project was G.H. Carsley with Cass Gilbert as the supervising architect. All blueprints are dated 1912. (Manuscript Collection 10)
University of California, San Diego
The accession consists of thirteen blueprints of various sizes depicting oceanographic instruments including a piston core apparatus labelled Lamont Geological Observatory, Columbia University, May 1952, a Van Veen Grab, drawing copied from a drawing of the Rukswaterstaat-Directie Benedenriveren, Netherlands, the assembly of a Hanna Bottom Sampler, a Coring Tube and Liner labelled University of Washington, Department of Oceanography and dated 17 March 1955