New England Historic Genealogical Society
Handwritten copy of the enumerator's records for the 1810 Boston census in three volumes labeled on cover "Book letter" A, [B], and C. Entries include the name of street, number of houses, names of heads of families, males under 10, from 10 to 16, from 16 to 26, from 26 to 45, above 45, females under 10, from 10 to 16, from 16 to 26, from 26 to 45, above 45, all other free persons except Indians, aggregate". Covers Boston wards 1-12, South Boston, Chelsea, and the Islands
Boston Public Library - Special Collections
Printed forms filled out in manuscript; promissory notes, bills of exchange, receipts, assesments of taxes, receipts for a pew at Park Street Church, etc
Boston Public Library - Special Collections
Four deeds (indentures) between the City of Boston and the proprietors of Boston Pier (Long Wharf) or the Mercantile Wharf Corporation, and other individuals, concerning the wharves of Boston; signed, with seals and maps; 1824 Dec. 9, 1825 Feb. 4, 1830 Dec. 30 and 1827 Nov. 12 -- Together with a "Plan of the Wharf and Docks, 1829.".
Massachusetts Historical Society
Small volume containing a 19th-century copy of Boston records. Included are: account of the monies paid by James Taylor, town treasurer, 26 Mar. 1692 - 10 Mar. 1693; a list of inhabitants of the town of Boston, 1695; and a list of indentures, 1668-92
American Antiquarian Society
This small collection of five volumes of Boston church records includes four volumes of sermons and sermon notes. Two of these volumes contain sermon and sermon notes for the Old South Church: one contains notes for the year 1684 for sermons delivered by Samuel Willard (1640-1707), Joshua Moody (1633-1697), James Allen (1632-1710), and Samuel Nowell (1634-1688); the other contains the text of sixteen sermons evidently delivered by John Bacon (1738-1820) in the period 1772-1775
American Antiquarian Society
This miscellaneous collection consists of correspondence ranging from 1739 to 1893; a topographical description, 1817, of the city; local government documents of the period 1634 to 1862; deeds; tax and census infomation, 1657-1840, including marriage banns,1817-1828, and a record of newspaper obituaries, 1826-1831. There are various business and banking items, including receipts. Many documents relate to early railroads, especially the Boston and Worcester and the Boston and Albany Railroads. There are records pertaining to the Boston Massacre, 1770, the Boston Tea Party, 1773, and a list of Boston Loyalists in 1775. There are also various records, both historical and legal, dealing with the social development of the city
Brown University Library
Certificate of donation for soldiers who leave Boston under requisition of the President. Signed: Mrs. Harrison Gray Otis
American Jewish Archives - Jacob Rader Marcus Center
Manuscripts of writings, scrapbooks, clippings, addresses, and other materials; together with copies of Schindler's works.
Boston Public Library - Special Collections
Entries are from Sept. 26, 1846-May 31, 1847