Milwaukee Public Library
Steamboat built in 1881 by and for Wolf & Davidson at Milwaukee, Wis
Lewis College of Business
Administrative materials include memos pertaining to staff and student attendance policies (1983, 1991); faculty obituaries; fee schedules (1983, 1987, 1992); and miscellaneous materials Topics include faculty in-service training materials (undated, 1991); the college's sexual harassment policy (1998-1999); job fairs; and information on HBCUs (Historical Black Colleges and Univerities). College publications include miscellaneous issues of Voice, student newspaper (1989-1999); miscellaneous issues of The Lewis Alumni News (1999); miscellaneous issues of Torch, a student and staff newspaper (1990); issues of Fact Sheet (1979-1981); commencement and baccalaureate programs some of which contain photographs of graduates and student activities (1969-1999); debutante ball programs (1967-1980); honors convocation programs (1990); miscellaneous programs (1987-1989); academic calendars (1982-1996); semester schedules (1982-1995); catalogs (1971-1990); yearbooks (1959, 1966, 1971); student ... Read More
Space Business Archives
Shareholders report includes a letter to the stockholders of External Tanks Corporation from Randolph Ware, its president; a short piece on Building a low-cost space station; and an unaudited financial statement for the period ending Dec. 31, 1992. Although Mr. Ware admits that the company is in a "weak financial position," he is hoping to promote the STS-Lab design
National Library of Australia
MS Acc11.091 comprises meeting minutes, annual reports and accounts, committee and council papers and handbooks, and photographs pertaining to the operations of Australian Business Limited, formerly British Council of the Australian Association of British Manufacturers (9 boxes, 1 folio box, 1 elephant folio)
Harvard University - Schlesinger Library
Her letters to family and friends (most written while traveling), diaries, travel notes and reports, articles, account books and other financial papers, some professional papers, clippings, and photos document Schoedler's life. The travel materials are extensive, rich in description of scenery, people, and travel conditions, but lacking in political observation. The professional papers are incomplete
National Library of Australia
Austin Public Library - Austin History Center
This collection documents the evolution of the Northwest Business Women's Association (NBWA) of Austin, Texas from 1986-1999.
Columbia University
American Textile History Museum - Osborne Library
Includes a letter, 1932, from James Montgomery, Jr., president and treasurer, to Brooks Palmer, New York City, describing the financial difficulties of the company. Also includes letters, 1934, from Montgomery to company directors, giving information about company operations and expenses, with notices of meetings of the Board of Directors. The letterhead includes an illustration of the factory