New York Public Library
City of Savannah - Research Library and Municipal Archives
Illinois State Archives
Files contain copies of contracts between Commissioners of State Contracts and individuals or companies for providing fuel, stationery and printing paper or for copying, printing, binding or distributing of documents for state. Generally included are performance bonds, statements of power of attorney, contract specifications, bidders' contract proposals and contracts. Entries for each contract include name and address of contractor, type and quantity of goods or services provided, condition of contract (e.g., manner of delivery), cost of contract and signatures of Commissioners, Governor and contractor
Illinois State Archives
Minutes of the irregular meetings of Commissioners of State Contracts concern contracts for printing, binding and copying; distribution of laws, journals and reports; and furnishing of printing paper, stationery and coal. Minutes also include specifications set by Commissioners for these services and copies of bids submitted
Minnesota Historical Society
Pleadings, depositions, hearings transcripts, and miscellaneous records in the case of Leon W. Knight, et al. v. Minnesota Community College Faculty Association, et al. The case challenged the constitutionality of several provisions of the Minnesota Public Employment Labor Relations Act (PELRA), and the right of MCCFA to serve as an exclusive labor representative when it was involved in political activities. This suit against state officials and several teacher organizations was viewed as a national test case by the "right to work" movement
Wayne State University - Walter P. Reuther Library
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Agreements with Adrian "Cap" Anson and Scott Hastings to play with the Rockford team for the 1871 season
State Historical Society of North Dakota State Archives
Consists of contracts for use of a team of Nolan's horses or mules on a Works Progress Administration project