Harvard University - Houghton Library
Concerns contract negotiations with Harper & Brothers, book sales, royalties, commitments of the author, disputes, and other information concerning Du Chaillu's The land of the midnight sun (New York, 1882)
University of Virginia
The collection contains a letter to "friend Sweet,"1894 March 3, discussing his dejection over the death of George W. Childs, his new book and the effect of hard times on the sale of "Ivar the Viking.".
University of Virginia
The collection consists of a 9-page, undated essay "The intelligence of animals," and a letter, dated September 12, 1890, to Col. W.H. Reynolds of Providence, R.I., inviting him to Islip, asking him to bring his mail from the New York Association, and mentioning a George Taylor
Yale University
Manuscript poem, illustrated, of an imagined encounter with a sea monster during a fishing expedition. Text and illustrations, both in pen and black ink, appear to be by a single hand. Several of the illustrations are signed J.W., Sept. 1863. The poem was probably written for the private amusement of a family, the five members of which (parents, two daughters, and a son) all appear in a drawing of a domestic dining scene at the opening of the volume. The four remaining illustrations show the fishing party at the cliffs of Filey Brigg. The final lines of verse warn against believing Du Chaillu's "wondrous tale", a reference to the explorer Paul Du Chaillu (1835-1903), who had recently published his "Explorations and Adventures in Equatorial Africa.".
University of Michigan - William L. Clements Library
The Edward P. Smith journal pertains to Smith's experiences in Massachusetts and England from 1871-1872. He discussed his social activities, job offers, guest sermons he delivered after becoming a licensed preacher, and his intention to visit France. He also described fellow passengers from his voyage to England in the spring of 1872, including General Daniel Sickles and the explorer Paul du Chaillu
Smithsonian Libraries
Du Chaillu thanks Mrs. Drexel for her "Xmas gift to me of a full blooded African, dressed in his native costume" (apparently a small figurine). Extends greetings to "dear John" as well
University of Iowa
Saying he is sorry he cannot go with Stoddard today
American Museum of Natural History
The letter is one handwritten, signed sheet, addressed to "My dear friend Francis.". The subject is personal, accepting Nathan's invitation to visit, and referring to himself as "your friend from the gorilla country." Included with the letter is a fragment, signed by du Chaillu, addressed to "My dear old friend Francis Nathan," and dated Aug. 30, 1900
Harvard University - Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Correspondence from zoologist and anthropologist Paul B. (Paul Belloni) Du Chaillu (1835-1903), of New York, to Jennie Carr, dated June 6, 1868, concerning his travel plans, which included a visit to Saratoga for health reasons and a trip to see the Carr family in Castleton, Vermont. Other topics include a voyage her husband, physician Ezra Slocum Carr (1819-1890), was taking. He also writes that he intends to lecture in New England "if I receive enough invitations" and discusses twenty-four paintings he had received depicting animals and the landscape of Africa, which he has used in his lectures
Harvard University - Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology
Correspondence from zoologist and anthropologist Paul B. (Paul Belloni) Du Chaillu (1835-1903), of New York, to journalist James Redpath (1833-1891), dated September 7, 1868, regarding their respective travels, and Du Chaillu's plans to lecture in New England the next winter. He also invites Redpath to visit him in New York, writing, "We will try to have a grand time together.".