University of Georgia - Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
The Richard B. Russell, Jr. Collection contains 465 pieces of audiovisual material. Although Russell was not known for extensive media appearances, early on he did make use of radio. These appearances, which began on radio in 1930, include not only campaign related activities but also many talk shows, award presentations, Senate Recording Studio releases, news conferences, and turning points in Russell's career. In addition, Russell was often sent material of interest in audiovisual form by constituents and political associates. The most comprehensive of these materials, WSB-TV's "Richard B. Russell: Georgia Giant," contains numerous hours of interviews (edited and unedited) with Russell and several historical background films that went into the making of the 3-hour documentary.
Cornell University - Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation
National Museum of the American Indian Archive Center
These records document the governance and programmatic activities of the Museum of the American Indian/Heye Foundation (MAI) from its inception in 1904 until its sublimation by the Smithsonian Institution in 1990. The types of materials present in this collection include personal and institutional correspondence, individual subject files, minutes and annual reports, financial ledgers, legal records, expedition field notes, research notes, catalog and object lists, publications, clippings, flyers, maps, photographs, negatives and audio-visual materials. These materials span a varied range of subjects relating to the activities of the museum which are more fully described on the series level.
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Norman A. McQuown (1914-2005) was an anthropologist and linguist best known for his efforts to document and study indigenous languages in Mexico and Central America and for his work in the field of non-verbal communication. He studied, conducted field and archival research, taught, and wrote on a wide range of languages, including Huastec, Quiche Maya, Yucatec Maya, Nahuatl, Totonac, Turkish, Russian, and Esperanto. He published in English, Spanish, and German, was comfortable writing and conversing in a large number of additional languages, and wrote frequently on the process of language teaching and learning. McQuown spent nearly his entire career at the University of Chicago, with the exception of numerous visiting appointments at institutions in Europe and the Americas.This collection documents his research, writing, teaching, and administrative work and contains a small amount of personal material. It range in date from 1850-2004, with the bulk dating from roughly 1945-1975.
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
The George H. Harlan photograph collection, 1851-1990, bulk circa 1890-1958, (SAFR 23844, P96-033) is comprised mainly of photographs of ferries in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Many of the photographs were published in George H. Harlan's book "San Francisco Bay Ferryboats" about San Francisco Bay Area ferry history. The collection has been processed to the File Unit level with some Items listed and is open for use.
National Air and Space Museum Archives
This collection consists of historical files on FI, its predecessors, and subsidiaries. The material consists primarily of historical/public relations material, including photographs and brochures, but also includes significant amounts of business records for FEAC, Kreider-Reisner, Hiller, Republic, Ranger, Stratos, and Swearingen. The collection also documents Fairchild's joint ventures with Fokker, Pilatus, and other aircraft manufacturers. The material also includes an extensive negative collection as well as film and videotape libraries.
University of California, Los Angeles - Charles E. Young Research Library
The Western States Jewish History Archive contains the compiled research and activities of the Society's two founders, Dr. Norton Stern and Rabbi William Kramer. The bulk of the collection includes research files on individuals, institutions and organizations, and synagogues throughout California. These vary in their breadth and specificity, some offering original primary source materials, while others largely comprised of newspaper clippings and research notes. Files from institutions and organizations, as well as synagogues, often contain internal documents -meeting minutes, memos, and legal and financial records- in addition to newsletters, pamphlets and other public materials. Kramer's personal papers are also in the collection as well, including drafts of his oral and written work, personnel records from his various employments, and photos and ephemera of his family.
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
The Seagram Museum in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada was the city's final operational remnant of the world-renowned distillery founded by Waterloo entrepreneur Joseph E. Seagram in the mid-19th century. The collection consists of the Bronfman family papers, official Seagram Company records, and other materials collected or created to document the history of the Bronfman family, the Seagram Company, Ltd., and its products.
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Astronomer, author, and educator (Carl Sagan). Author and television producer (Ann Druyan). Correspondence, memoranda, scripts, notes, subject files, course files, articles, book drafts and resource material, reports, organization files, biographical material, clippings, printed matter, slides and transparencies, photographs and negatives, electronic files, and other material documenting Sagan's career as a scientist and educator and the collaboration of Sagan and Druyan on articles, books, television shows, movies, and other projects.
John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum
Still photographs by White House and National Park Service staff photographers documenting the President's activities at the White House, his official trips, and other events; informal photographs of the President and his family at the White House, at other residences, on vacations, and at other non-official times; photographs of Administration officials and members of the Congress; photographs of White House staff and visitors to the White House; photographs of White House rooms and grounds.