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Scope and Contents A scorecard and program from the 1925 World Series; a scorecard and program for the 1937 All-Star Game; a program from the National Football League's World Championship game, 1942; and a program and scorecard from the 1956 All-Star Game. All of these games were played in Washington, D.C. Also includes some articles and two ticket stubs from the 1956 All-Star Game.
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Papers of Frank W. Kuehl, a teacher, lawyer, and bureaucrat active in the Progressive Republican movement in the first half of the twentieth century. He was Governor John J. Blaine's executive secretary and participated in a number of political campaigns in the 1920s, notably the Progressive Republican Al Smith for President Club of which he was secretary. After Blaine's election to the U.S. Senate, Kuehl served as assistant attorney general for the state of Wisconsin, stabilization director for the Banking Department during the early years of the Depression, and secretary to the Committee on Indian Affairs. Kuehl was Blaine's legal counsel during the latter's tenure on the board of governors of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC) in Washington, D.C. Kuehl remained with the RFC until 1954 when he became attorney and Washington lobbyist for the American Medical Association. He later served as assistant to the director of the Office of Labor-Management and Welfare-Pensions ... Read More