University of Virginia
Incomplete galley proof of "Confusion," 1924, and a bound galley proof of Cozzens' book of short stories, "Children and others," published in 1964
University of Notre Dame - Hesburgh Library
Galley proofs of Belloc's A Shorter History of England, with pencilled marginal notes
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
New York State Archives
Print out of all subscriptions with datas for expiration and all pertinent information
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
Galley proofs of an article by McAllister which was published in the September 1917 issue of the Improvement Era, A Mormon Church periodical. The article explains that Mormon temple ordinances are essential to salvation. The sheets bear holograph corrections and a note by Joseph F. Smith, the 6th president of the Mormon Church. Smith's note suggests that the article be published as a four page tract
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
The uncorrected galley proofs for the American poet's volume of verse entitled, "LÁutre," published by Black Sparrow Press in 1967. Loewinsohn has published several other volumes of poetry including, "Watermelons," "World of the Lie," and "Against the Silences to Come.".
Virginia Tech - Special Collections
This collection contains the author's proof of Berry Morgan's novel, Pursuit.
University of Virginia - Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library
Scope and Content Information This collection consists of Advanced Bound Galley Proofs of Delilahby Marcus Goodrich, with decorations by Earle Winslow, published by Farrar & Rinehart, 157 pages.
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
The papers of this Philadelphia biologist include the typescript, galley proofs, and page proofs for two editions of his book, The biology of paramecium, as well as his employment contracts and salary schedules spanning a career of over 40 years at Temple Univ
University of Texas at Arlington
Galley proofs, -- Proofs of published works about Texas or with a Texas setting. Includes MY CONFESSION by S.E. Chamberlain, a personal narrative of the Mexican War. Also includes F. Gipson, HOUND-DOG MAN; M.B. Houston, THE BRIDE'S ISLAND; H.P. Gambrell, ANSON JONES; B.C. Jefferson, FAIR HAVENS; J. Gibson, BLACK GOLD; I.C. Mangold, CLAN McGUIRE; and C.B. Ragsdale, THE BIG FIST