State Library of Western Australia
Compromises biographies of the first director of Perth Zoo and presidents of Zoological Gardens Board; correspondence of Clee Jenkins (1974-1977); files including early correspondence and newspaper cuttings (1897-1975); histories
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Includes villas, chateaux, and farmhouses, with some interiors and architectural details; fountains, landscapes. Locations include France, Italy, Spain, England, Wales, Madeira, and unidentified European sites
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
This collection contains 84 lantern slides from various photographers and publishers depicting images of Switzerland, England, Mexico, Washington D.C., and New England, as well as some portraits and scenes. Thirty-two of the slides were made by the Art and Travel Company based in Chicago
New York Public Library
Photographs of Italy: Naples: the photographer's Morris Minor car, street scenes including shops, advertising, including political posters, buses, hearses, wagons and street entertainment including puppet shows and musicians; parks sculpture and wood carvings; beaches; castles, churches, apartments and other buildings; a series on the Mostra d'Ottremare, and views at the National Museum. Pompeii: ruins and sculpture, Mt. Vesuvius, mountain climbing group, cable railway and funicular, the crater; Solfatara: steam, molten lava, steambath and seismic station
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Includes buildings, with some interiors and architectural details; bridges, fountains, and Roman ruins. Landscapes and waterscapes. People in native dress engaging in rural activities; village scenes; individual and group portraits. Artists' mart in Paris; motor touring party (1905), Johnston and others photographing; activities aboard ships. Johnston, Gertrude Käsebier, Antoine Lumière, and Auguste Rodin appear in some. Sites include England, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, and places in Middle East such as Constantinople (Istanbul), Greece, Syria, and Haifa. Two photos of ship Lusitania
American Museum of Natural History
Travel photographs taken in France, England, Spain, Chile, and Argentina. Images of Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, Madrid Fountain, Polesden Lacey Estate, as well as castles, villages, mountains, gardens, and landscapes
Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens
Two disbound photograph albums containing 138 commercial photographs of Europe, circa 1880s (volume 1), and 40 photographs of Southern California and the American West, circa 1890s (volume 2). Volume 1 consists of commercial photographs of European tourist scenes including landmarks, monuments, cathedrals, historic buildings, and landscapes chiefly in Germany, Austria, France, and England. There are also two loose photographs of Moscow, Russia, stamped "B. Avanzo, Moscou" on the verso. The photographs are various sizes and primarily black-and-white, though there are some colored images. Volume 2 consists of commercial images of locations in the American West, particularly Southern California and San Diego, as well as a few views of Coronado, Ontario, Santa Barbara, Utah, and Arizona, and images associated with railroads, including the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. Images primarily include elevated views of towns, landscapes, railroad bridges and tracks, as well as a photograph of the ... Read More
Yale University
Manuscript, in two hands, of a trip to Ireland, England, France, and Italy, and another, 12 years later, to England, France, and Italy. The manuscript begins with a description of Freeman's journey from New York on a steam ship to visit Europe for the benefit of his health; in addition to his ongoing complaints about his illnesses, including hip and kidney pain, the account primarily relates Freeman's social and religious activities. During the sea voyage, he suffers frequently from seasickness, for which he uses belladonna; he also discusses scripture with the other passengers and attends service, becoming known as a New Churchman on board. On land, he visits his mother's old neighborhood in Cork and calls on her old neighbors; tours Blarney Castle and Kilcrea Abbey; gives dancing lessons to the daughters of friends and teaches them American ballads; and, in his last two weeks there, conducts a flirtation with "Miss Jenny O'Neill." In London, he sees Kew Gardens, Trafalgar Square, ... Read More
Yale University
Holograph diary by Ann Craig of a 6 month tour (October 4th 1834-March 26th 1835) through Europe in the company of her husband John Craig and their two children Graham and Sarah. Their itinerary took them from Antwerp through Belgium into Germany, visiting the cathedral at Aix, along the Rhine to Cologne and Frankfurt, where 13 year old Graham was consigned to Dr. Becker's academy, much to his mother's distress. They then crossed into Switzerland, where they visited Edward Gibbon's old house at Lausanne and Voltaire's house at Ferney. After crossing into Italy by the Simplon Pass, they visited Milan, where they saw the cathedral, the Pinacoteca di Brera and the Pinacoteca ambrosiana as well as Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper (described as "very much destroyed"), and also saw Parmesan cheese being made near Pavia. At Carrara work was in progress on a statue of Christ from the great series commissioned from the Danish sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen for the Freuenkirche in Copenhagen. The ... Read More
University of California, Los Angeles - Charles E. Young Research Library
Murmann is the author of California gardens: how to plan and beautify the city lot, suburban grounds and country estate, including 50 garden plans and 103 illustrations of actual gardens from photographs by the author (c1914). The collection consists of manuscript material for an unpublished cookbook, photographs and original drawings and watercolors of flora and fauna, lecture notes and glass slides prepared for Murmann's lectures on furniture designs and nature study.