Stanford University
[1] The soaring cycle (1936) -- [2] Sample constitution (2 sheets) -- [3] Glider manufacturers ; gliding schools ; helpful reading material
Buffalo History Museum
Collection includes a typed copy of a letter from B.L. Wiggin to Chief, U.S. Weather Bureau of Washington, D.C. dated July 27, 1956; a typed copy of the Report of 1956 World's Gliding Championships, Saint Yan, France and a copy of Soaring, the September/October 1956 issue
State Library of Victoria
Shows group, some with binoculars, spectators behind fence, two men standing beside glider, woman behind desk, speaking on telephone
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Constitution, logs, scrapbook, clippings, photos, and other records
California State Library - California History Room
Photographs, flight logs, scrapbook, clippings, essay, constitution
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library
Post-contest summary of the Midwest Soaring Contest, Sleeping Bear Sand Dune, Empire, Michigan, 1936-1937. [26] typed booklet with illustrations of weather conditions during the contest and photographs of pilots, gliders, and the dunes. The text includes lists of entries, pilots and addresses, points won, hours glided, prize money and trophy winners, as well as comparisons with the 1936 contest in Elmira (N.Y.).
Minnesota Historical Society
Correspondence, mostly 1942-1943, of a program that promoted the construction of gliders by high school classes and the students' instruction in glider flying
Cornell University Libraries
Photographs, correspondence, and newspaper clippings concerning the Cornell Aero Club and gliding project