Morris Museum of Art - Center for the Study of Southern Art
Folk memories : T.A. Hay (1892-1988) (exhibition catalogue)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis - Ruth Lilly Special Collections and Archives
Annual reports detailing the accomplishments, programs, and financial information of the Foundation
Minnesota Historical Society
National Library of Australia Manuscripts
1. Manuscripts of published and unpublished literary works. 2. Press cuttings of reviews of Hay's novels. 3. Photographs, cuttings and facsimiles of historical documents used as source material for Hay's writings. 4. Correspondence with publishers and others relating to his writings. 5. Family correspondence. 6. Diaries and notebooks. 7. Notebooks, press cuttings and typescripts written by others comprising biographical material about Hay
University of Virginia
Hay thanks Ed S. Connell for the political support which helped him defeat a Mr. Gibbons in the previous day's congressional election
Yale University
The records document the organization and activities of the John Hay Whitney Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education and social welfare. The collection consists of correspondence, reports, meeting minutes, project and program files, fellowship recipient files, and financial records created and maintained by the organization. The records cover all aspects of the organization's activities from its inception in 1946 to shortly after its dissolution in 1983
Yale University
The diary describes Hays' duties as sub-agent at the Quinault Indian Agency, Washington Territory. He oversaw the school, farm, and road building projects. He was responsible for taking the census and holding "potlatches" for the distribution of goods. Hays also settled disputes among the Indians
Detroit Public Library - Special Collections
Account of journey from Detroit to Miamistown (modern Fort Wayne), Indiana
American Institute of Physics - Niels Bohr Library and Archives
In this interview William Hay discusses topics such as: the University of Illinois and Enrico Fermi; Fritz Coche; Bob Ginsberg; biostratigraphy; Mohole project; deep sea drilling project; Maurice Ewing; Bruce Heezen; continental drift; University of Miami's Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science; Lamont-Doherty earth observatory, Scripps Institution of Oceanography; National Science Foundation; Cesare Emiliani; sea floor spreading; Warren Bixley; Max Bromwitz