New-York Historical Society
Focuses on Native Americans in the United States through the viewpoint of organizations involved with them such as missionary and benevolent associations. Includes pamphlets and individual articles on missionary work, socioeconomic conditions of Native Americans, treatment by the U.S. government, copies of treaty title pages, history, archaeology, language, folklore, crafts, and book reviews and announcements
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
Prehistoric Indian sites and artifacts found, attempts to halt development at Indian burial sites, a small prehistoric stone effigy smoking pipe returned to Wells County, looting and vandalizing of burial sites, GE okays the reburial of artifacts in Mt. Vernon, sample form of an "Informal Survey on Indian Artifacts found in Montgomery County, In.", arrowheads, research to identify prehistoric Indian sites and artifacts in Whitley and Kosciusko counties
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Indiana Historical Society - Smith Memorial Library
The Walam Olum (Red Score) of the Lenapes, early history of Wabash Valley Indian tribes, "The Delaware Indians of Johnson County", "Indiana Indian lands", Chief Lawrence Godfroy, Oliver Godfroy (Swimming Turtle), and the Miami Indians, land claims dispute and repayment, Potawatomi, Indian missions, Museum of Indian Heritage, Indian graves at Newburg, recognition of the Trail of Courage, Death, and Tears, the Cherokee Camp Kikthawenund, efforts to protect tribal heritage, Prince Maximilian and Karl Bodmer, Indians of Montgomery County, publications about Indian history, Woodland Indians exhibition at the Minnetrista Cultural Center, Indian gambling sites, the Pokagan Band of the Potawatomi
East Carolina University - Joyner Library
University of Washington
The two volumes of the Indians of North America scrapbooks vary considerably in size, but both consist of assorted newspaper and magazine clippings about various Native American tribes in Washington State. Most of the articles in the first volume do not have dates, but those marked with dates are between the years of 1908 and 1919; dated clippings in the second volume are between the years of 1902 and 1929. Neither of the scrapbooks are arranged in a chronological manner, but instead seem to be roughly grouped by theme. The articles tend to be sympathetic to the situation of the Native American in Washington State and focus on historical events and descriptions of various tribes. Volume 1 has some focus on Native American treaty rights (Clallam tribe's land claims, restoration of irrigation water for Yakima tribe, etc.), marriages and deaths of Native Americans, cultural events (the building of the largest totem pole on the Tulalip Reservation, the launching of the world's largest ... Read More
Arizona Historical Society - Library and Archives
Detroit Public Library - Special Collections
Wide variety of papers pertaining especially to tribes in the Old Northwest Territory: correspondence, treaties, petitions, etc