Milwaukee Public Library
Schooner built in 1853 at Milan, OH
Nantucket Historical Association
Accounts, kept by Tobey, of port charges, disbursements, crew accounts, slops, supplies sold to other ships, and goods traded
Yale University
The records consist of case files of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which relate to incidents of misconduct involving Japanese citizens living abroad. The declassified files include correspondence and cables, reports, and clippings. A list of the cases by title, date, and description is also included
Nantucket Historical Association
Log/journal, kept by Tobey, relating to a whaling voyage to the Pacific Ocean
New Bedford Whaling Museum,-- Research Library
Log, kept by James Brown, relating to a whaling voyage to the South Pacific and Indian oceans, Banda Sea, Molucca Sea, Savu Sea, and Timor Sea -- Includes descriptions of types of whales (blackfish, blue, finback, humpback, killer, and sperm whales), seals, and walrus seen or taken, death at sea, mutiny, indigenous people, punishment at sea, shipboard medicine, and women on board. Other places represented include Gough Island, Timor Island, Dili, Ceram Island, Sawu Islands, and Saint Helena
Stanford University - Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Surveys of buildings and other property in China
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Handwritten transcript in English of a Japanese Army manual
Asbury Theological Seminary - B.L. Fisher Library
Annual meeting minutes, dockets, annual reports for 1888-1912, including materials on Kobe College and pamphlets on the home for discharged prisoners, Christian schools in Kobe, a church dedication, and numerous miscellaneous item
Yale University
The records consist of documents relating to culture and education, schools and students, religions, hospitals, libraries, museums, and churches; miscellany and documents relating to the League of Nations; documents relating to the China Affairs Board; and documents relating to political and economic conditions in North China
Brooklyn Museum