Alabama Department of Archives and History
Each gas system has an emergency manual on file with the Public Service Commission. The manual is a preventive plan to minimize or eliminate pipeline accidents. The manual supplies the names and phone numbers of individuals to contact in case of an emergency, as well as outlines emergency procedures to be followed by the system's employees
National Library Board, Singapore
Contains staff guide to the use of selection expressions and in-house cataloguing manuals for Chinese and English books
Brigham Young University - Harold B. Lee Library
University of California, San Francisco - Archives and Special Collections
Utah State Archives and Records Service
Documents created by the agency, including pamphlets, reports, leaflets, file manuals, annual reports, other published or processed documents, and the last manuscript report, if not published, relating to management projects. Electronic versions of publications may be considered a duplicate if identical. If unique, see Schedule 1 Item 44
Utah State Archives and Records Service
This series contains reports with information pertaining to senate and house of representatives districts, legislature members, Utah Code, organization of the Legislature, legislative procedure, how a bill becomes a law, budgetary process, legislative interim structure, legislative staff services and glossary of legislative terms
Hagley Museum and Library - Manuscripts and Archives Department
Item : Descriptive information and operating manual for the guidance of operators of class CD and class CL center-hinge type drop and lift door air operated dump cars, July 1927
New York State Archives
The series consists of copies of department procedures manuals and memoranda to the field regarding changes to procedures, regulations, and practices pertaining to licensing for operation of motor vehicles
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Published and unpublished volumes providing details on procedures of the Commission