Center for Jewish History
The collection consists of manuscripts of published and unpublished works in Yiddish, Hebrew and English. Authors include: Hirsz Abramowicz, Ephraim Auerbach, Y.D. Berkowitz, Menahem Boraisha, Reuben Brainin, Marc Chagall, Simon Dubnow, Abraham Duker, Ossip Dymow, Saul Ginsburg, Rudolf Glanz, Aaron Glanz-Leieles, Jacob Glatstein, Ben Zion Goldberg, Nachum Goldmann, Chaim Grade, Peretz Hirschbein, Reuben Iceland, Naftali Herz Imber, Malka Lee, Leibush Lehrer, Jacob Lestschinsky, Mani Leib, Shmuel Niger, Mendel Osherowitch, Emanuel Ringelblum, Maurice Schwartz, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Israel Joshua Singer, Nahum Sokolow, Yehiel Yeshaia Trunk, Max Weinreich, Mark Wischnitzer, Blank, Yehoash, Wolf Younin, Chaim Zhitlowsky
Columbia University
Unpublished novels, plays, and short stories: The Greater Torment (novel), King Pandar (novel), "The Conqueror," "Follow the Leader," "Hero, and "The Taking of Avis" (all plays) and 33 short stories. These are photographs mounted in each of the volumes
State Library of Western Australia
Extracts from her mss, including "Love thy neighbour"(chapters 1-6) based on her experiences in the Spanish Civil War
National Library of Australia
1. "The New Estimates Committees and Standing Committees of the Australian Senate" / by R.E. Bullock, Deputy Clerk of the Senate, March 1971. 2. "The Australian Senate and its Newly-Expanded Committee System" / by R.E. Bullock. May 1972
Utah State Archives and Records Service
A press release by Fishers widow titled "Vardis Fisher was not a Mormon;" an open letter to Spencer Kimball, president of the LDS church, vituperously demanding suppression of a "BYU Studies" article claiming Fisher's writing was influenced by an LDS heritage; a brochure on Timpanogos Cave written by Fisher (oversize)
Utah State Archives and Records Service
A collection of manuscripts regarding holiness and monastic life written by members of the Abbey of Our Lady of the Holy Trinity in Huntsville, Utah. The collections was created for Fr. Cummings and other material was added over time
Utah State Archives and Records Service
Biographical sketch of the founder of Weber State College, Louis F. Moench
Utah State Archives and Records Service
A paper written for a Weber State College geography class. An analytical breakdown of population in oil producing Utah counties. Includes maps
OCLC Library
Typewritten and hand written drafts of speeches, articles, published papers
State Library of Victoria
Two bound volumes of photoprint copies of his notes. The first is entitled "Experiences on stations and in diggings in South Australia and Victoria, mid 19th century." This begins with his arrival in Adelaide, 1848-1849, and describes his life in South Australia, Bendigo, Wangaratta, Yackandandah and Forest Creek. (96 p. and incomplete, MS 6934); and the second volume: "Pacific Islands", which includes numerous sections such as: a fragment concerning trading in the Gilberts and Ellices and the search for guano islands; recollections of Ben Pease and associates with particular reference to Micronesia; the trouble Mr. Bingham had at Apiang; how Hayes got and took the schooner, Neva; and Honolulu (183 p., MS 6935)