Cornell University Libraries
Elliptische drehyfelder in asynchronen motoren. 1920 -- Electrical laboratory apparatus and educational service. 1926 -- The Bonbright prize awards: the report of the judges and the three winning papers. 1925 -- Tensor analysis of rotating machinery: parts 1-3. -- The flow of steam through pipes. 1931 -- Air circut breakers. 1939 -- Die geistigen mittel des technischen forschrittes in den vereinigten staaten von Amerika. 1913 -- A case of mongolism in one of twins. 1919 -- Extraits du compte-rendu de M. Haton de la goupillière. 1891 -- Appareil automoteur nouvellement inventé. 1885
University of British Columbia Archives
Scope and Content o Notes  Series Descriptions o Photographic Material o Reports o Work Orders o Student Activities o Historical Material o Miscellaneous  File List  Graphics
Cornell University Libraries
Municipal hydro-electric power system / City of Los Angeles. 1921 -- Fuel economy in burning clay products. 1918 -- "Imperial" tie tamping outfits, Ingersoll-Rand Company. 1919 -- Report of the committee to consider and report to the council upon the subject of the best methods of tabulating the results of steam-engine and boiler trials. 1903 -- The progress and promise of engineering / Dexter S. Kimball. 1924 -- Opportunities for the combustion expert. 1921 -- Thirty years of progress, 1903-1933. 1933 -- Recent developments in the electrical transmission of power / C.J.H. Woodbury. 1893 -- For improved gassing of beet juices: micromax pH recorder. 1936 -- Magnetic flux distribution in annular steel laminae. 1918
University of Virginia
Notes on mechanical engineering, file of reference cards prepared as a teaching aid for his teaching of engineering at the University of Virginia
University of British Columbia Archives
Fonds consists primarily of photographic material (including: black and white and colour photographs and negatives, and colour slides) as well as, pen and ink sketches and textual material. The textual material which spans intermittently between 1976 and 1994, includes reports, work orders, memoranda, drawings and blueprints. The bulk of this material primarily concerns itself with two areas of Departmental activity: teaching and machining; however, other areas to offer representation include the Engineering Undergraduate Society, the Departments photographic unit and faculty research
Tufts University - Tisch Library
The collection contains annual reports, brochures, program and course booklets and graduate thesis abstracts. These records were created by the School of Engineering's Department of Mechanical Engineering for the purposes of outreach, advancement and recruitment. These records are evidence of what the Department of Mechanical Engineering has done at the University
Cornell University Libraries
New York's need. 1922 -- President Harding's words to agricultural conference. 1922 -- The tragedy of transportation. 1922 -- Statistique graphique des passes de la gironde et de la garonne maritime. 1892 -- Le tage portugais. 1892 -- Notes sur l'amélioration du Mississippi. 1892 -- Amélioration de la voie fluviale de Rotterdam a la mer. 1892
Washington State University - Holland Library
Minutes, correspondence, financial records, mailing lists, directories, photographs, a scrapbook and other papers of a social club which raised funds for scholarships.
Stanford University
Records include administrative correspondence, 1920-46; letters and reports to the University President, 1919-49; and course files containing notes, problem sets, handouts, schedules, and other items, 1963-75. Also included are results from a study of engineering graduate study done at the University of California, 1965