Oregon State Archives
Series documents formal communications between Brigade headquarters and unit officers. Memorandums show datek, memorandums concern training programs, but some deal with transfers, promotions, and unit reorganizations
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
In its statutory role (MGLA c 28A) as advocate for services to children in Massachusetts, the Office for Children coordinates such services in public and privately funded programs and regulates providers of day care and substitute care for children. Series is created for the office director (commissioner from 1987) to govern internal functioning of agency operations and relations with other agencies providing services to children -- Topics include human services interagency teams; agreements with human services agencies; licensing; grievance, hiring, and personal data policies; community review; and proposals on reorganization of children's services
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Includes some incoming letters. Most of diane elliott's memorandums are dated 1978
US Army Heritage and Education Center
General description of the collection: The Raymond G. Moses collection contains three memorandums written by Brigadier General Moses to General Walter Bedell Smith between 8 September 1943 to 10 November 1945. The first memorandum dated 8 September 1943, was written shortly after Moses arrived in the European Theater of Operations and contains his initial impression of the need for a general supply plan for the proposed Channel crossing operation. In Moses's second memorandum written on 19 September 1943, he disagrees with the proposed organization of American General Headquarters, arguing the command G-4 officer (supply service) should not also be a commander of the Communications Zone. The last memorandum dated 10 November 1945 was written to Smith, but intended to be shown to General Eisenhower. In it, Moses warns of potential pressure from the ASF to remain independent from the General Staff in Washington, and stresses the need for experienced supply men to serve as G-4's at all ... Read More
New York City Department of Records and Information Services
Series is comprised of memorandums and Executive orders that were passed by the Mayor during his administration
New-York Historical Society
Late nineteenth-century transcriptions of two memorandums concerning the case of Timothy Davis, and difficulties among Friends at Nantucket, as brought before the Meeting for Sufferings, Yearly Meeting, Sandwich Monthly, and Quarterly Meetings, one dated New Bedford, March 23, 1795
Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Archives
The Dept. of Public Welfare has the responsibility to provide and administer a comprehensive public welfare financial assistance program (MGLA c 18, s 2). Until 1967 the department organized the state into districts to carry out this program, originally staffed by the Division of Aid and Relief (Division of Public Assistance from 1953), under a district supervisor, and from the early 1950s (cf. St 1952, c 602) also by the Division of Child Guardianship, with respective district supervisors under a district director. Memorandums to district directors from the Office of Field Operations (or from other officials of the department but copied to or distributed by the office) communicated directives and policy decisions -- Series contains agendas, proceedings, and directives. Topics include standards of assistance, foster care, child guardianship, adoption, old age assistance, health care, and public assistance in general