Smithsonian Institution Archives
Descriptive Entry These records chiefly consist of curatorial responses to public inquiries. Included is correspondence from private collectors, museum curators, clothing manufacturers, college professors, historical associations, and individuals.
Smithsonian Institution - Archives of American Art
Art organization; Boston, Mass -- Founded by a small group of museum curators, scholars, artists, collectors, and dealers and led by Lessing J. Rosenwald, PCA's mission is to "foster the creation, dissemination, and appreciation of fine prints, old and new", and to encourage and professionalize the preservation, administration, and study of print collections in the United States and Canada
Smithsonian Institution - National Museum of American History
The collection was assembled by Museum curators and documents the efforts of persons in eight states to have the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), a particle accelerator, built in their state. Also documents efforts in each state to oppose locating the SSC in their state. The collection contains correspondence, press kits, posters, signs, bumper stickers, leaflets, handbills, clippings, photographs, and a videotape.
University of California, Berkeley
Correspondence of Jay DeFeo with Bruce Conner, museum curators, and others, concerning conservation of her painting, "The Rose". Also includes conservation reports, invoices, DeFeo exhibition announcements, photographs, and clippings. Also includes a photocopy of the corrected typescript for Sombrero fallout, a Japanese novel by Richard Brautigan, given to Bruce Connor by the author
Brooklyn Museum
81 greeting cards by 55 different 20th century artists, many with a Christmas or holiday theme. Most cards are printed (screen prints, relief prints, intaglio prints, lithographs, and blind stamps); also includes collages and original drawings and watercolors. 71 of the cards are signed by the artists. Most cards are inscribed by the artists, many to Brooklyn Museum curators
Museum of Modern Art
Pelli recounts his selection as architect for the 1984 Museum Expansion Project and traces the development of the design for an expanded Museum, including specific architectural and practical concerns throughout its various stages. He also discusses the selection of the developer, the legislative and public approval processes, and his contact with Museum curators and administrators
New York State Historical Documents
Material about Indians of all the Americas, i.e. North and South America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The bulk of material in this collection is reprints; news clippings; magazine articles; directories; photocopies from books; and exhibition, auction, and public sale catalogs. Also, research correspondence written by librarians and museum curators, in response to questions from the public and from researchers, and correspondence with Indians, 1921-1975. Of note are legal documents dealing with arbitration between individuals of a tribe; some census inventories, ca. 1880-1920; and several photographs. Subjects include individual tribes, states, countries, languages, folklore, archaeology, land claims, crafts, clothing and body adornment, museums, missions, red power, and religion
Delaware Art Museum
Materials relating to Thomas Pollock Anshutz's activities as a painter and as art teacher at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, in Philadelphia -- Includes correspondence with colleagues, students, dealers, museum curators, and the artists' family, describing Anshutz's relationships with his students, his works of art distributed throughout the country, and writings on the artist; together with material relating to William Innes Homer's research from site visits to archival institutions and oral interviews. Other persons represented include Frank Cresson Schell