Centre College - Grace Doherty Library
Includes negatives taken by E. Wilbur Cook, and miscellaneous negatives/prints by an unidentified photographer
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Library
This series comprises 26 undated photonegatives created during the production of Lutheran Film Associates' (LFA) documentary film, The World of Martin Luther. Also included in this series is a descriptive list for 24 of the negatives. These negatives are from the production of the film. For some of the negatives there exists a corresponding print in LFA 0/10/2 and is noted as such on the negative envelope and the back of the print. Envelopes are numbered 1-28 with two envelopes not numbered. Envelopes are missing for numbers 2,6,14, and 27, but it is not known if they ever existed. The origin of this numbering system is unknown. There also exist photocopies of a typewritten sheet with captions for some of the negatives
St. Lawrence University - Owen D. Young Library
The collection consists of 136 glass plate negatives taken between 1895-1910 by Jameson of Ogdensburg, St. Lawrence County, N.Y. The negatives depict families and scenes in the Ogdensburg-Black Lake area
New York State Historical Association
Negative registers of Washington G. Smith, photographer, of Coooperstown, N.Y., including negative numbers and names of persons
Northwestern University
This series is comprised of negatives taken by photographers for the Daily Northwestern, Northwestern University's student newspaper. Mostly black and white, the negatives are in the 35mm format and date from the period 1985-1991. The negatives are housed in negative sleeves and, when dated, arranged in chronological order. Many of the negative sleeves feature a brief description of the subject or action depicted in the negatives and sometimes note the name of the Daily Northwestern photographer. A large portion of the negatives are unidentified and undated.
University of Arizona
Negatives of Brett Weston (1911-1993), photographer. Consists of a small selection of negatives chosen to represent the format and materials used b Weston in his best-known work
University of California, San Diego
The collection consists of (22) 6"x6" and (7) 4"x4" b&w negatives taken by Edvard Hemmingsen during the construction phase of the Physiological Research Laboratory
Senator John Heinz History Center
The collection consists of eight negatives of Westview Park and Danceland in 1961
Fort Worth Library
This collection consists of both black and white and color negatives. The negative images include relatives of Lois B. Waters in Greenville, South Carolina in the 1930s and 40s, Charles Gallegos' graduation from Trimble Technical High in June of 1979, and his trip to Mérida, Yucatán, Mexico in 1998
Northwestern University
The series consists of 35-millimeter format color negatives made by Northwestern University student photographers during the period ca. 1993-1996. At least some of the student photographers whose work is included here were affiliated with the Northwestern annual, Syllabus.