Centre College - Grace Doherty Library
Includes negatives taken by E. Wilbur Cook, and miscellaneous negatives/prints by an unidentified photographer
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Library
This series comprises 26 undated photonegatives created during the production of Lutheran Film Associates' (LFA) documentary film, The World of Martin Luther. Also included in this series is a descriptive list for 24 of the negatives. These negatives are from the production of the film. For some of the negatives there exists a corresponding print in LFA 0/10/2 and is noted as such on the negative envelope and the back of the print. Envelopes are numbered 1-28 with two envelopes not numbered. Envelopes are missing for numbers 2,6,14, and 27, but it is not known if they ever existed. The origin of this numbering system is unknown. There also exist photocopies of a typewritten sheet with captions for some of the negatives
Senator John Heinz History Center
The collection consists of eight negatives of Westview Park and Danceland in 1961
Camden Public Library, Walsh History Center
Cardboard box containing seventeen double envelopes of negatives of assorted sizes. Envelopes are stamped with "Frank L. Harris, Photographer, Camden, Maine." Most of the envelopes are labeled "Richard Bemis," "Sybil Bemis," or just "Bemis." Frank Harris is listed in the 1903 town directory as a foreman at the Camden Herald newspaper. His studio was in operation from 1905 to 1924
University of California, San Diego
The collection consists of (22) 6"x6" and (7) 4"x4" b&w negatives taken by Edvard Hemmingsen during the construction phase of the Physiological Research Laboratory
New York State Historical Documents
Negatives depicting various scenes of New York City including schools and universities, buildings, Central Park, and parks and cemeteries in Queens. Negatives are identified
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Library
This series comprises 64 black and white film negatives of the world premiere of the feature film Martin Luther produced by Lutheran Church Productions, Inc. (LCP), a predecessor of Lutheran Film Associates. The premiere took place on May 4, 1953, at the Lyceum Theater, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Most of these negatives are unidentified and do not correspond with the photographs found in LFA 0/8/8, Photographs, c. 1953
Wayne State University - Walter P. Reuther Library
State Library of Queensland
Negatives for photographs that appeared in the Queensland Heritage Journal