Maryland State Archives - Special Collections
Index to unidentified patent records. Entries give names of owner and tract, number of acres, and folio. Arranged alphabetically by owner
Central Michigan University - Clarke Historical Library
Patents for a beet lifting mechanism and beet harvester
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Collection of printed land patent forms, with filled blanks, from 1837-1839, 1857-1858, and 1861. Concerns lands in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. Signed by Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan, and Abraham Lincoln; issued by the General Land Office, Washington, D.C.
Nevada State Library and Archives
Apprarently these are the original and only copy of the land sales by the state of Nevada, which make them legally and historically very important. The books date from 1865 to 1985, and include the first sale of land in the state. The information includes the person purchasing the parcel of land, a description of the location (in detail), and the acreage sold as well as as the date and authorized signatures
University of California, Los Angeles - Charles E. Young Research Library
Collection consists of briefs, court records, newspaper clippings, and related printed ephemera concerning the trial U.S. vs. Motion Picture Patents Co. et al. from the files of the law firm Caldwell, Masslich & Reed, which represented the principal defendants
The University of Queensland Library
Bound volumes include: Name and subject matter index of application for registration of artistic copyright, 1 January 1916 to 14 October (1 volume) ; Title and name index of performing right and international copyright applications, 1 January 1916 - 14 October 1936 (1 volume) ; Name index of applications for registration of literary, musical and dramatic copyrights, 1 January 1916 - 14 October 1936 (2 volumes) ; Titles and subjects for literary and dramatic copyright registration, 1 January 1916 - 14 October 1936 (3 volumes) ; Index of registered owners of copyright and titles and subjects of works in which registered copyright subsists under Copyright Act 1905. 1907/08-1915 (8 volumes) ; Name and subject matter index of applications for registration of literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works and performing rights in musical and dramatic works under the Copyright Act 1912. 1936/37-1969 (33 volumes)
Peabody Essex Museum
Photo album containing black and white prints of steamships identified by name, speed, and owner. Printed by the Rothesay Collotype Company
Maryland State Archives - Special Collections
Card index to certificates of survey and land patents. Identified as Index 54. White cards refer to patented tracts and pink cards refer to unpatented tracts. Entries on the former give name, tract name, current county, patent date, acreage, and citation(s). Entries of the latter give name, tract name, current county survey date, acreage, and citation. Arranged alphabetically by name of individual. Provides references to the following LAND OFFICE records: Certificates, unpatended, AL series [MSA S1211]; Certificates, unpatented, AA series [MSA S1212]; Certificates, unpatented, BA series [MSA S1213]; Certificates, unpatented, CV series [MSA S1214]; Certificates, unpatented, CA series [MSA S1215]
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
Patent documents relating to player piano inventions created by Phi ladelphia inventor, Philip Wuest Jr., during the early twentieth cen- tury. The patent documents include technical drawings. Included a pat ent applications submitted to patent offices in France, Germany, and Great Britain
Washington State University - Holland Library
Homestead patents given to Nancy, Joseph and John Pogue, Okanogan Co., Wash