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Steam boat built in 1832 at Erie, PA
Milwaukee Public Library
Schooner built in 1836 at Lyme, NY
Milwaukee Public Library
Canadian ship built in 1901 at Cleveland, Ohio for Harry Coulby, Cleveland
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
University of California, Berkeley
Concerning land transactions, and two letters from William Clark, 1816, relating to the proposed building of an arsenal in Meadville
Rosenbach Museum and Library
Orders constables to make lists of men eligible for military service and return them to county officials. Printed form filled in by hand but not signed or addressed to any specific township; printed for Philadelphia County but altered by hand to Bucks County
University of California, Irvine
Collection comprises one land grant to William Bingham, Esq., for property in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, dated 17 May 1796, and signed by Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania. Three seals are attached. The document was printed by F & R Bailey
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The 1 March 1909 Proposed school code for Pennsylvania included a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania Code inserting Article XX The Pennsylvania State College, listing and describing the five sections relevant to the status of the college. On 20 January 1911, the Pennsylvania State College President's Office issued "The Proposed school code and the Pennsylvania State College" statement and resolution supporting the proposed new school code and amending section 2002 concerning relations between the coursework offered in high schools and the college