State Library of Pennsylvania
One handwritten land grant on vellum sheet to Henry Drinker, Esq., for property in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, dated 20 February 1793, and signed by Thomas Mifflin, Governor of Pennsylvania, and Matthew Irwin and A.J. Dallas. Two state seals are attached
Allen County Public Library - Genealogy Center
Library of Congress - Research and Reference Services
Virginia Tech - Special Collections
Scope and Content Account book for an unknown general store in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Accounts for sales of sugar, blankets, tobacco, etc.
Historical Society of Pennsylvania
Incoming correspondence and material on stock sales, original financing, repairs, tolls, complaints on service, and applications for work
New York Public Library
Views of Harrisburg: street views, the capital building, Laura Furnace on the Guniatha River, church and park, a hotel, Roaring Springs, Jno C. Kunkle's grave stone, homes
New York State Historical Documents
Letters, clippings, and a chronology of a school staffed by the Daughters of Charity from 1828-41
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's Division of Archives and Manuscripts
A record of transactions relating to the payment and settlement of public money, and accounts involving the receipt and deposit of Commonwealth funds, the investment of money, and the management of securities by the State Treasury Department. Entries relate to the payment of salaries to county officials, the payment of taxes ant receipt of revenue; loan transactions of various banks, advertisement expenses, cash refunds, fines, and costs incurred due to specific occurances such as the "Susquehanna Depot Riots." Information provided includes name of account, amounts paid and received, and dates of transactions
Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission's Division of Archives and Manuscripts
A record of revolutionary veterans or their wives who applied for compensation as provided for in the Pension Act of April 14, 1834. Entries record the name of the pensioner, the date that the annuity was due, and the amount of the annuity
Swarthmore College - Peace Collection
Collection contains newspaper articles about the trial, and a small amount of material produced by the Harrisburg Defense Committee and other defense groups