University of Wisconsin, Madison - Archives and Special Collections
One published libretto in English (S.l.: s.n., c1911)
State Library of Queensland
Magellan Petroleum (formerly Queensland Coal Mines) records of Burgowan No. 12 mine in Maryborough
New York Public Library
Petroleum engineer. Economic and historical studies on Turkey and Russia, including manuscripts on Turkestan, Caucasian Georgia and Daghestan, the Crimean peninsula, the Cossacks, and cotton growing, the textile industry, and the petroleum industry in Russia. The scope of the works includes the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
State Library of Queensland
Magellan Petroleum (formerly Queensland Coal Mines) records of Burgowan No. 12 mine in Maryborough
California State University, Long Beach
Presents the oral histories of eight men involved in the development of southern California oil fields. The narrators talk about what attracted them, or their families, to southern California and how they became involved in oil related businesses that centered in the Long Beach or Signal Hill area, but also served clients in surrounding oil fields. Some of them invested in real estate and oil wells while others experimented with new technological ideas. These innovations led to the development of an efficient oil well survey device and improved fishing tools
National Library Board, Singapore
Contains booklets on programs and activities of Singapore Petroleum Company Ltd
Cornell University Libraries
The Anglo-American petroleum agreement. -- Ethyl news. 1945 -- Petroleum at war. 1944 -- U.S.S. Stainless and heat resisting steels for the petroleum industry: corrosion and application information. 1940 -- Sun Oil Company plant 15. 1944 -- United States petroleum resources / J. Edgar Pew. 1945 -- Petroleum prepares for peace! / William R. Boyd. 1944 -- Presentation of the Franklin Institute citation to the Atlantic Refining Company. 1940 -- Who runs the petroleum industry? / B.I. Graves. 1945 -- Petroleum: past, present and future / Per K. Frolich. 1943 -- Report of committee on standardization of petroleum specifications, bulletin no. 5. 1921
Yale University
University of Wyoming - American Heritage Center
Collection contains correspondence, contracts, agreements, leases, minutes, journals, order forms and other materials relating to the operations of the Peruvian Petroleum Company, which was established in 1866 by New York City businessman George H. Bissell. The correspondence includes letters from partner Frederic Prentice and company representative Henry Smith to Bissell, and information on the company's activities in Peru
Iowa State University - Parks Library
This collection contains promotional materials relating to the five films, booklets to aid in discussion and teaching, publicity articles, and 1981 suevey of National Economic Education