Jet Propulsion Laboratory Library and Archives
Space Physics Records, 1974-1976
University of British Columbia Archives
Scope and Content o Notes  Series Descriptions o Chronological Engineering Physics Files o Course Materials o Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board o Miscellaneous o Photographs  File List  Catalogue entry (UBC Library catalogue) Fonds Description Engineering Physics fonds. – 1947-2009 1.06 m of textual materials. 350 photographs: prints and negatives. Administrative History The administrative roots of the Engineering Physics can be traced back to 1946 when three students (W.E. Mat ...
Cornell University Libraries
On a balancing rheostat for bolometers. 1900 -- On the complete emission function. 1901 -- The distribution of motion in a conducting gas. 1903 -- Secondary spectra. 1904 -- Some new rectifying effects in conducting gases. 1904 -- Some new theorems analogous to Green's. 1904 -- On the transition from primary to secondary spectra. 1904 -- Tests of some oils suitable for use in air pumps. 1904 -- The spectra of mixed gases. 1904 -- On secondary spectra and the conditions under which they may be produced. 1904 -- The relative intensities of metal and gas spectra. 1905 -- High temperature radiation. 1905 -- The spectra of alloys. 1905 -- Line structure II-III. 1906 -- Polarimetric sensibility and accuracy. 1906
Mount Holyoke College - Archives and Special Collections
The Mount Holyoke College Physics Department Records contain reports; articles; memoranda; newsletters; news clippings; booklets; brochures; press releases; announcements; lists; a grade book; examinations; notebooks; and photographs. The annual reports of the department to the President of the College can be found in the records. These reports contain information regarding enrollment trends, majors, honor work, graduate work, course content, the Student Science Conference, lectures, equipment and facilities, gifts to the department, faculty activities, changes in personnel, needs of the department, student work, and department curriculum. Articles found in the records include "History, Equipment and Courses" and "The New Physics Laboratory" by Professor Elizabeth R. Laird and an article about women and physics by Edward P. Clancy. Advertising materials, including brochures, press releases, announcements, and booklets, pertain to the department itself, laboratory equipment, department ... Read More
University of California, Berkeley
Manuscript notes taken from the lectures of George Louis Le Sage concerning his own thoughts and that of others including Descartes, Newton, Leibnity, Euler, Boscovich, and others. Diagrams included. Believed to be from mid-eighteenth century, Geneva, Switzerland (378 p.; 22-24 cm.).
University of Chicago - Special Collections Research Center
Morgan Library and Museum - Pierpont Morgan Library
Buffalo, NY 1903-1995 Middletown, CT
American Institute of Physics - Niels Bohr Library and Archives
A history of the MIT Department of Physics, 1865-1933
American Institute of Physics - Niels Bohr Library and Archives
Brief history and description of [UCLA Physics] Department, course offerings, staff members for 1963-1964, research students, etc