University of Colorado, Boulder
The Pineau papers cover the years 1921 to 1993. Included is documentation on the early teaching of Japanese by the US military from the 1920's, cryptology and code-breaking in World War II, and the Japanese Language School during World War II
U.S. Naval War College
The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence, subject files, and writings, undated to 1993. Correspondence includes letters sent and received from authors, military leaders, political figures, publishers and editors as well as letters treating Pineau's appraisal work. Writings on World War II, Pacific battles, the Japanese Navy and aviation during World War II, and the Battle of Midway and naval intelligence. Subject files consist of correspondence, research source materials, booklets, and notes on Navy Memorial Museum and Smithsonian exhibits, a proposed book on Silas Talbot, White House military aides, Japan, the Panay Incident Pearl Harbor, travel and tours to the Far East, and Forrest Biard