State Library of Queensland
Inward and outward correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, two reports and twelve drawings and plans regarding the lead up to World Expo 88 in Brisbane
New York State Archives
This series consists of a card file index to Series B1567, Canal Plans, Drawings and Blueprints, 1849-1920. Index entries for plans destroyed are marked
New York State Archives
The series consists of a set of unannotated blueprint plans, specifications, diagrams, and drawings of the Great Meadow Prison at Comstock, New York. The blueprints were apparently made and approved by the State Architect as planning documents for proposed expansion of the prison facilities. It was the responsibility of the State Architect to prepare plans and specifications for state buildings. A handwritten note on the final blueprint indicates that these plans, or copies of them, were sent to the Commission of Prisons shortly after their approval in 1911
State Library of South Australia
Records comprising plans, drawings and quotations
New York State Archives
The series consists of several sets of blueprints of city and county penal facilities that were prepared by municipal architects and departments of correction and submitted to the State Commission of Prisons. The Commission (which became the State Commission of Correction in 1926) was empowered to oversee the operation of state and local correctional facilities, to inspect the penal institutions to insure they adhered to standards, and to promote their humane and efficient administration
University of California, Riverside - Water Resources Collections and Archives
National Baseball Hall of Fame
Photocopy of the building permit and plans (drawings) for Ebbets Field, Brooklyn, New York
Cornell University Libraries
Plans, drawings, tracings, specifications, and contracts for architectural projects of Clinton L. Vivian