University of Virginia
Political cartoons by: Mauldin, Peggy Parker, Gib Crockett, Jim Berryman, Joe Parrish, Frank Interiano, S.M. (Jerry) Iger, J.F. Meehan, Wayne Stayskal, Hugh E. Kennedy, Bruce McCall, Oliphant and Herb Block
Haverford College - Quaker and Special Collections
Common themes throughout the collection of political cartoons include world and U.S. politics, world leaders, communism, war, diplomacy, democracy, dictatorship, government corruption, and terrorism. There are particularly large collections featuring Jimmy Carter, Henry Kissinger, and Richard Nixon
University of Oregon
Sketches of political cartoons concerning city and county issues which appeared in various issues of the Eugene Register-Guard newspaper
Denver Public Library
Echo from the "jungle" -- Can Ben Lindsey's labor of love be destroyed by the tiger of political revenge? -- Boiling 'em out! -- Good throw Mr. President -- How they picnicked in '59 -- Little wonder talking machine -- Only one more month -- Roosevelt: " Now for a month of the real thing" -- Some of the old boys -- Standard bearer -- Stonewall Teddy -- When Roosevelt gets the word -- Children's friend goes the limit -- Miss Denver: "pretty small potatoes" -- This fine pyrotechnic display ... S_C_A_A_T -- "A prophet is not without honor ..." -- Will they be allowed even to introduce it?
Library of Congress - National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
Cartoons created while Berryman worked for the Washington Evening Star
New York State Historical Documents
Cartoons from PUNCH dealing with Hitler and Nazism
New York State Library - Manuscripts and Special Collections
Original copies of political cartoons published in the Albany Times Union, daily newspaper. The subject matter of Rosen's cartoons range from international events to national and local topics
University of Oregon
Published political cartoons relating to World War II events -- Cartoons were cut from newspapers
Temple University - Special Collections Research Center
Four political cartoons drawn by a Philadelphia newspaperman concerning national and local politicians such as John F. Kennedy, Richard M. Nixon, Arlen Specter, and Daniel A. Poling
University of California, Berkeley
Large collection of photographs of political cartoons drawn by Robert Bastian. Subjects focus on the politics of the 1960's including the Vietnam War, President Nixon, Kent State University, the United States economy, the Daily Californian (U.C. Berkeley's student newspaper), KQED, etc