Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Photographs of photography studio backgrounds painted by Paul Brown for portrait photography and studio set pieces, including imitation stone walls
University of Arizona
Papers, photographic materials, publications, and memorabilia, 1947-1989, of Richard Avedon, photographer. Includes correspondence, clippings, contact sheets, engraver's prints, books, and other materials documenting his career
State Library of Queensland
Collection of seventeen studio portraits of families, children, performers, and weddings
Oregon Historical Society Research Library
Black and white photographs in 4 albums, ca. 1890-1910, of views in Colorado, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, Kansas and Montana, including some portraits.
Cornell University Libraries
Collection consists of three albums of cartes de visite depicting unidentified men and women, with a few images of buildings. Volume 1 (19 images) includes 5 lithographs, 4 of them hand colored. Individuals shown in the photographs include Edwin Stanton, Lincoln's Secretary of War. Two of the images are of buildings, one of them the courthouse in Belfast, Ireland. Photographers include Schreiber & Son (Philadelphia) and J. Magill (Belfast)
University of Virginia
Photograph of A.S.W. Rosenbach in Clifton Waller Barrett's library
Cornell University Libraries
Collection consists of cartes de visite, lithographs, and 7 cabinet cards, nearly all of identified individuals, most of them with visible images 9 x 6 cm, the cabinet cards 16 x 10 or 16 x 11 cm. Persons shown include royalty and statesmen of China, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, and Greece, and prominent authors, artists, and intellectuals. Included in volume 1 are Charles Dickens, Thomas Carlyle, William Makepeace Thackeray, Thomas Henry Huxley, John Bright, the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII), Benjamin Disraeli, William Gladstone; Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Otto von Bismarck, Leo Tolstoy, King Ludwig of Bavaria, Czars Alexander II and Alexander III, Gioacchino Rossini, Giuseppe Garibaldi; several members of the Bonaparte family, including Napoleon I and Napoleon III; the Comte de Paris; Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas père and fils, Louis Pasteur, Rosa Bonheur, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, among others. ... Read More
Cornell University Libraries
Cartes de visite depicting mainly British explorers and European royalty. Explorers shown include Sir Richard Burton, Henry Stanley, and John Hanning Speke, including several photographs of Stanley with Kalulu, the African servant of Dr. Livingston. Royal personages shown include Queen Victoria and Prince Albert (shown in several photographs), the Prince of Wales (the future Edward VII, also in several photographs), Prince Metternich, Napoleon II, and royalty of Sweden, Prussia, Russia, Greece, Spain, Denmark, Naples, Hesse, and Schleswig-Holstein
University of Wisconsin, Stout
Description: Formal portraits of individuals and groups taken by professional photographic studios throughout the country and occassionally the world. The people are not identified. There are a few tintypes found in the collections
University of Wisconsin, Stout
Description: This is an artificial series consisting of photographs, drawings, and prints relating to particular individuals. Most of the photographs consist of formal portrait views although some informal views of individuals may be included if the primary interest is the individual and not some subject theme. The bulk of the collection includes photographs of Stout faculty and students although individuals from the surrounding community and Wisconsin in general are also included. The collectioin also includes some photographs of individuals in military costume. Although arranged alphabetically by last name of the individual, a finding aid identifies these people so that a researcher interested in photographs of people in military costume may also have access to these photographs