U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
Includes press releases relating to programa and also to the appointment of CSA staff. There are some gaps: there are no releases for January-July 1979 and only a few for 1981
University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Scope and Contents Press releases relating to retirement legislation, finances, benefits, annual reports and Board of Trustees meetings and letters to University Retirement System participants (1941, 1955-75).
Wisconsin Historical Society Library and Archives
Press releases issued by the commission
New York City Department of Records and Information Services
Series is comprised of 2-3 copies of each numbered press releases issued June 12-Octover 25, 1979 and January 2-February 7, 1980
Ohio History Connection
Contains press releases concerning hirings, changes in procedures and regulations of welfare programs, modifications of benefits, and new programs
New York State Archives
This accretion consists of the press releases issued by the Office of the Comptroller during the tenure of comptroller Arthur Levitt (1956-1976). It consists of news articles and press releases issued by the agency to the media to inform the public about the comptroller's activities, accomplishments, and pronouncements
Minnesota Historical Society
Press releases announcing proclamations, statements, and appointments by the governor; and texts of speeches and reports related to press releases. Also included are "press advisories," which announce meetings, press conferences, and itineraries
Minnesota Historical Society
Prepared by staff writers of the Information and Volunteer Services Section of the Medical Services Division