Chicago History Museum
New York State Historical Documents
Price lists and catalogs of publications of Bible societies and Christian missionary groups in various countries in Africa, North and South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Includes especially catalogs of the British and Foreign Bible Society
University of Virginia
Group 1: Virginia companies (5 boxes): Box 1-2. Hopewell: Hummel-Ross Fibre Corporation. Lynchburg: Caskie Paper Company (Caskie-Dillard Co.). Norfolk: Old Dominion Paper Company -- Box 3. Richmond: Albemarle Paper Mfg. Co. B.W. Wilson Paper Co. -- Box 4. Dillard Paper Company. Epes-Fitzgerald Paper Co. Gauthorne Paper Company. Printing Papers Incorporated. Richmond Paper Company. Standard Paper Manufacturing Company -- Box 5. Richmond: United Paper Company. Virginia Paper Company. Roanoke: Caldwell-Sites Co
Alabama Department of Archives and History
According to the ABC Board rules, price changes to alcoholic beverages sold in Alabama are permitted four times a year. The Purchasing Section directs, on a quarterly basis, the preparation, publication, and distribution of price lists. Price lists found in this series include the regular price list (form S-10) which is arranged by brand type, the numerical master code list (form S-10E) compiled by ABC Board code number, and the collector bottles and gift packs list. Information available on these lists usually includes code number, name of brand, proof, age, size, bottle/case price and identification of closeout items. The price list is used by virtually all firms, corporations, or associations holding a liquor or wine license as a guide in determining their purchase from the ABC Board
Alabama Department of Archives and History
Beginning in fiscal year 1985, all U.S. military installations were required to purchase their alcoholic beverages from within the state where located. As a result, the ABC Board began to sell to eight military installations located in Alabama. The Purchasing Section is obliged to direct the preparation, publication, and distribution of military price lists four times a year for use by these military installations. Price lists found in this series include the Retail Price List, arranged by brand type, and the Numerical Master Code List, compiled by ABC Board code number. Both types of lists provide code number, brand name, size, and bottle/case price
National Library of Medicine - History of Medicine Division
Chicago History Museum
Connecticut Historical Society
Price lists for joiners' tools collected by H. Chapin and Sons, a tool company in the Pine Meadow section of New Hartford, Connecticut. The fliers were originally bound in a scrapbook. Many types of planes, screws, and other items were being sold
Louisiana State University - Special Collections
The foreign trade price lists report the prices of commodities being exported and imported from Bremen, Germany (1824), St. Petersburg, Russia (1824), and Havana, Cuba (1833). Also listed are exchange rates in London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Paris