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The Psychology Collection is comprised of bibliographies, articles, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, abstracts, and dissertations, dating from 1967 to 1984. It includes general writings pertaining to the psychology of women; counseling women, and sex role stereotypes, including gender dysphoria syndrome, and transsexualism. Eleven boxes on "Gender and the Fear of Success" consists of resource materials (manuscripts and papers) donated by Richard Tresemer for his work on psychological development and gender roles and how they relate to achievement and success
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The sales psychology of the self service package is demonstrated by this series of five cakes being shown by the Film Department of E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company. From the virtually blank package at the upper left, which draws a blank reaction from the shopper, each package, clockwise, increases its sales message and informative labeling, to attract successively , attention; then attention and interest; attention, interest and desire, and finally in the framed package, attention, interest, desire and action when the shopper decides to buy the cake
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Working papers (manuscripts and correspondence) of individual issues of the American Journal of Psychology. Includes Karl Dallenbach - Edwin G. Boring correspondence
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Bibliographical references in ethology / Thomas P. Bailey Jr. -- Ethology : standpoint, method, tentative results / Thomas P. Bailey Jr. -- The use and misuse of planned environmental therapy / Marjorie E. Franklin -- The psychology of power / J.A. Hadfield -- A philosopher looks at psychotherapy ... / John Macmurray [and others] -- The absurdity of any mind-body relation / Charles S. Myers -- Psychotherapy in general medicine / Geddes Smith
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